Schiff Gets Throttled For Wearing Mask Under His Chin During House Speech

Adam Schiff was busy on Capitol Hill trying to get support for opening up his new investigation into President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response. The California Democrat got throttled after he was caught wearing his mask under his chin during his House address. You’ll love this.

Rep. Adam Schiff (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) brought a face mask to a Congressional hearing Thursday, but he strapped it under his chin while speaking.

Schiff first spoke at a House Small Business Committee hearing, where several members of Congress were wearing various forms of masks as a precaution during the coronavirus crisis.

Some members of Congress removed their masks while speaking; others kept them on, but Schiff chose to wear the mouth cover under his chin.

Schiff delivered a two-minute speech about his concerns about the Paycheck Protection Program failing to save more small businesses.

After his speech, he left his seat, doused his hands in hand sanitizer, and left as the hearing continued. The real problem started after pictures of Schiff surfaced with the mask around his chin.

Schiff claimed the president has dropped the ball on the COVID crisis, and he was looking to start new hearings into Trump that he compared to the 9/11 Commission.

“Mr. Schiff and his band of twittering impeachment fairies have decided to turn the awesome powers of the legislative branch of the federal government into yet another weapon against Mr. Trump. This time, they want to use all their constitutional powers to accuse the president of somehow playing dumb to allow the coronavirus to spread as far and wide as possible so as to infect and kill as many Americans as possible,” Breitbart reports.

“Again, to what end? To help Russia? To prop up his only personal financial interests in the wild-bat trade?” Charlie Hurt asked via Breitbart.

“Anyway, this latest fever dream is downright comical, given the fact that it was Mr. Schiff and his twittering impeachment fairies who were fully engaged with impeaching Mr. Trump while the pandemic was brewing and first jumped from China to America,” Hurt concluded.

Americans rightly attacked Shifty Schiff on social media. 

“Placing a mask under your chin will contaminate the mask and render it useless. Very apropos for Schiff,” tweeted Twitter user “Elaine.”

“Maybe he’s wearing it to catch the drool when he thinks he’s important?” tweeted George A. Casper.

“Schiff protects his pencil neck w/ mask,” tweeted Kurt Smith.

“WTH is wrong with him? Nobody’s eyes bug out like that naturally. & He should be censured for not wearing his mask,” tweeted “Fredo is Ethel’s Husband.”

“He could hide his neck with a post-it note… kinda looks like Barney Fife,” tweeted George Pittman.

“He should be dragged out for not wearing the mask like the poor guy on the bus was,” tweeted Twitter user “Rick.”

How else is he supposed to eat his chocolate ice cream from @SpeakerPelosi?” tweeted “I Am Who I Am.” 

Schiff is delusional if he thinks Americans will tolerate another one of his “investigations.” 

Trump can point to actual decisions he made at that time to combat the pandemic while Schiff and his cohorts can point to nothing other than their failed impeachment charade in Congress — as the pandemic marched across the globe.

That’s not to say that Schiff’s latest delusions are not terrifying. They are. We now know the dark depths of depravity Schiff and the anti-Trump crusaders in Washington will resort to in pursuit of the president. They will stop at nothing, and there is no apparatus of the federal government they won’t try to use in their zealous pursuit.

The only hope for Trump — and the American people — is that Shifty Schiff and his crusaders have completely destroyed their own credibility. At this point, even the most rabid anti-Trump voter doesn’t believe these people anymore.

This is the same desperate, dishonest charlatan who — after his Russian fantasy went up in smoke — turned his imagination to Ukraine and began spinning new fantasies about Trump conspiring with the president of Ukraine to make Joe Biden look bad — as if Joe Biden needs any help looking bad. God help us if Schiff gets his way. There’s one thing we can predict: this isn’t going to end well at all.

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