Rocker Sean Lennon Blasts Anti-Trump Media & Hollywood Haters ‘Peddling Lies’

Sean Ono Lennon, who is the 44-year-old son of the rock n’ roll legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono, is surprising Americans with his take on the anti-Trump media and the Hollywood haters. Lennon has supported President Donald Trump’s policies in the past which has caused a backlash from the rich and famous. Now, he is blasting those same people who are “peddling lies” about the president and the coronavirus. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Sean Ono Lennon (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

In 1980, John Lennon made what might seem like a prediction about Donald Trump. In a little known interview, the former Beatle said that he sees a “businessman” as the best option to become the American president. “Not a politician,” Lennon said. 

Lennon also referred to “fake news” after the interviewer mentions Donald Trump. It’s unclear how John Lennon felt about Trump back then, but what is evident is that his son is no fan of the left or Hillary Clinton.

Trump, I hate to say, is right about Qatar and Saudi funding Clinton’s. #womensrights,” Sean Lennon tweeted on October 19, 2016, during a presidential debate. 

In one post, Sean Lennon rips those who are tweeting “Imagine” at him. This is clearly a reference to the anti-Trump Hollywood crowd who used his dad’s song to make a coronavirus medley that fell flat. The 44-year-old singer-songwriter is also a proud American, which goes against those in Tinsel Town who hate calling America a “superpower.”

What really got Sean Lennon going was the anti-Trump media who are refusing to call out China during this crisis. 

“Lennon said that journalists have been parroting official Chinese figures with little skepticism. The rocker appeared to be referring to numerous mainstream media reports claiming that the U.S. has surpassed all countries in terms of COVID-19 diagnoses. But those reports — including those from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal — rely on Beijing’s questionable claim that China has only seen 82,361 cases,” Breitbart reports.

“Been listening to ‘respectable’ journalists quoting CCP official numbers for months without doubt or hesitation. Calling it the Wuhan Virus but only days later telling ppl who say it’s from China they’re racist. The official media have lost their legitimacy,” Lennon tweeted.

Lennon also called out news outlets that have engaged in a double standard by initially calling the illness the “Wuhan virus” only to later tell people that using such terms is racist.

“We live in a time that calling a virus that came from China, Chinese, is racist, (and arguably dangerous for Asians because: morons). Oh, and calling a virus that probably didn’t come from Spain, Spanish, well that makes total sense,” he tweeted.

Lennon’s tweet was going against the sum total of Hollywood celebrities who came out to blast Trump on that same day calling him “racist” for continuing to call the virus the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus.”

“Hollywood slams coronavirus-related racism toward Asian Americans: ‘Call it out,'” was the headline at the Los Angeles Times on March 20.

Vanity Fair also reported  on March 19 that Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah were “slamming Trump for racist coronavirus rhetoric.”

So, clearly Sean Lennon was going against the Hollywood haters. He then turned back to rip China and the leftist media who were helping them.

On Wednesday, U.S. intelligence officials reportedly concluded that China has been concealing the true extent of the coronavirus outbreak within its borders by under-reporting total cases and deaths. Bloomberg reported on a new intelligence study that found that China’s public reporting is intentionally incomplete and that China’s numbers are fake.

“Why do we need U.S. ‘Intelligence’ to tell us what we all already know?” Lennon tweeted.

Reading through Sean Lennon’s Twitter feed, it’s obvious he goes against the grain of the celebrity class. His politics are more libertarian than conservative. He doesn’t like nonsense, which is all you get from the anti-Trump media.

Well, it is refreshing to hear about anyone “famous” taking on the drones who only parrot the Democratic Party. Lennon also has a real disdain for the Clintons.

Lennon is part Japanese, and there is one thing the Japanese really dislike and that’s the Communist Chinese. Sean Lennon might not be coming to any Trump rallies in the near future, but he sure isn’t part of the destroy Trump Hollywood crowd.

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