Sean Penn Shows Up To Save L.A. From ‘Trump & COVID-19,’ Residents Reject Him

Sean Penn, the Hollywood actor turned leftist activist, showed up in Los Angeles on Thursday to attend Mayor Eric Garcetti’s COVID-19 press briefing. Penn told Los Angeles residents he was there to help save them from the virus since President Donald Trump had “dropped the ball.” Well, that’s when it went all wrong as the L.A.’s residents rejected him. Don’t miss this.

Sean Penn (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Sean Penn made sure he got maximum press coverage as he swooped into the Los Angeles area on Thursday. Los Angeles County is the largest county in the country with a population of 10 million. Penn claimed he was there to save his fellow Angelenos from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At an extremely bizarre press conference with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Penn said he was there to take questions on how his nonprofit CORE is helping coronavirus relief efforts: “It’s my job, with my staff, to gnaw, bite, scratch and kick to expand and force multiply as much as possible.”

What does that mean? The presser got more ridiculous. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Garcetti said Sean Penn’s organization CORE currently has 70 staffers helping run four testing sites, efforts that have relieved L.A. firefighters and paramedics from those locations, allowing them to focus on emergency response. Garcetti also lavished Penn with praise as if he was the savior of Los Angeles.

Penn shows up with 70 staffers to help a population of 10 million? We really appreciate the effort, but did this really need to be announced on live TV at an official press conference?

On Wednesday night, Penn appeared on MSNBC to highlight his superhero powers. “There’s extraordinary leadership in Los Angeles with Mayor Garcetti and in California with Gov. Newsom and I was able to create what is a first between an NGO and local governance,” the 59-year-old actor said.

“NGO” stands for “non-government-organization.” President Trump already “created” cooperation between “NGO’s” and the government to fight the virus. He did that at the very beginning. One example is the “MyPillow” company which is pumping out protective gear.

Penn claimed what he was doing takes “principled, high-skill set emergency responders out of the station and off the streets.”

“The Los Angles Fire Departement trained up our volunteers…us… of the testing process and we were able to absorb those cites, increasingly absorb the cites, that the firefighters were manning,” Penn told MSNBC’s, Lawerence O’Donnell. “So they could get back and…serve the people…of California..of Los Angeles.”

Penn appeared somewhat disjointed as he struggled to explain exactly what his 70 staffers were doing. As best as we can ascertain, his organization has staffed one of the many COVID-19 test sites in Los Angeles. While that is commendable, we really don’t know why this was being over-blown as “Sean Penn to the rescue.”

“Sean Penn’s doing more to get you tested than Trump is,” MSNBC’s O’Donnell said. 

Well, immediately the residents in California rejected Sean Penn and his superhero status. 

Sean Penn? LOL have YOU been tested for brain damage, @lawrence?” tweeted “That Larry Show.”

“Sean Penn aka Spicoli is going to fight this Coronavirus,” tweeted “Everything 80’s.”

“Sean Penn says that he will patrol the streets of Los Angeles with his shotgun like he did in Louisiana during hurricane Katrina,” tweeted “EKIS.”

“The news is talking to Sean Penn as a health expert and nothing has any meaning anymore,” tweeted “Dr. Colleen S. Harris.”

“This is now just a circus. What the f*ck is Sean Penn doing there? He’s not a medical expert,” tweeted “OC Scanner.”

“In other news, Sean Penn is looking like I feel in quarantine,” tweeted Suzi Parker.

Sitting here watching preeminent US #Covid_19 testing expert… ** checks notes ** Sean Penn,” tweeted Melissa Joy.

“L.A. idiot mayor Eric Garcetti features D-List actor-communist Sean Penn,” tweeted “EJ.”

MSNBC is so desperate to prove President Trump is “dropping the ball” they turned to Sean Penn as an example to show the masses it’s Hollywood celebrities who are really saving America.

We almost felt sorry for Penn who seemed to be struggling to put a coherent sentence together. The truth is California with a total population of 40 million has not been ravaged by the coronavirus at all. As of this writing, the death toll in the Golden State is 824. In contrast, the number of total deaths in one day in California is 740.

However, if you listen to Sean Penn and his leftist cohorts, they are reporting its utter mayhem going on in Los Angeles. Experts say it’s highly likely California was hit with COVID-19 in November and it went unnoticed since the death rate for COVID-19 is turning out to be the same as the seasonal flu.

So, let Sean Penn and his “organization” of 70 people knock themselves out. He and his leftwing buddies aren’t saving anyone. They just want their 15 minutes of fame hoping that a few people will pat them on the back.

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