Springsteen: Trump Threat To Democracy, We Can’t Stand 4 More Years – Regrets It

Bruce Springsteen decided to trash President Donald Trump during a recent interview. The leftwing musician claimed all his hopes are with the protesters who he calls “the kids in the streets.” He believes they will convince Americans to elect Joe Biden. “Our current president is a threat to our democracy,” Springsteen said. “We can’t stand four more years.” Well, poor Bruce got a rude awakening and was quickly made to regret those remarks. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Bruce Springsteen (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The 1980s rocker gave an interview to the Atlantic and exposed his total lack of knowledge on current events.

“I believe that our current president is a threat to our democracy. He simply makes any kind of reform that much harder,” Springsteen said. “I don’t know if our democracy could stand another four years of his custodianship. These are all existential threats to our democracy and our American way of life.”

Oh, poor Bruce. Another leftist duped by the Democrats who just rejected police reform. 

On Wednesday afternoon, GOP Congressmen brought a jam-packed police reform bill to the floor. Written by GOP Senator Tim Scott, the bill was the action asked for by Black Lives Matter and their cohorts.

As Senator Scott said, all they needed was seven Democrats to join them, and Nancy Pelosi blocked it. In fact, she blocked any Democrats from even coming to the table to discuss it. Scott was livid and gave an emotional speech on the floor scolding the Democrats.

“Democrats blocked the police reform bill written by Senator Tim Scott. No debate, no amendments, no consensus, just no. Make it a campaign issue instead. What dishonesty and irresponsibility with the American people. We must vote against every single Democrat on November 3rd,” tweeted Fernando Amandi Sr.

The leftwing activist, who vacationed with the Obamas aboard a billionaire’s yacht following the 2016 election, appears to be getting his news straight from fake news CNN and MSNBC.

“I have the feeling of optimism about the next election. I think it’s all these kids in the street that are inspiring the most hope in me,” he added. And the fact that these are demonstrations that are going on around the world. I think it’s a movement that ultimately is going to be about more than police violence.”

Is Bruce watching the mayhem? The rioting, the burning, the murder, the toppling of national monuments? He claims that type of behavior is demonstrations? What a total disconnect from the reality middle-class Americans are living through and watching.

Americans torched the artist who calls himself “the Boss” on social media. 

“BRUCE @springsteen is full of SH*T – Lives in Beverly Hills, farm in Rumson, his kids ride horses, hang out w@BillGates. He’s as ELITE as you get! Let HIM give all HIS money as REPARATIONS & Lead by example. Enough ‘liberal’ hypocrisy – the REAL RACISM,” tweeted Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

“He hasn’t figured out that he’s a fellow traveler to Fascism evoked by the hard progressive left. The jesters are always last to know,” tweeted Lynxlogic.

“Mr. Born In the U.S.A. himself has gone full TDS. I wonder if he will either, rerecord that song. Or write another song about our country, while bashing Trump in the process,” tweeted James Pastuch.

“What is more of a threat to Democracy Bruce? Donald Trump or mobs of rioters burning and looting? ‘Democracy’ is the mob…so yes maybe Trump is a threat to Democratic mob rule, since he seeks to maintain our representative constitutional republic, which is what we really are,” tweeted Franklin Dean

“I doubt Springsteen understands what democracy is. It isn’t tearing down monuments, defunding the Police, burning churches or setting back race relations 30 years. The Democrats are using Soros backed anarchists to try to take down Trump, they have failed Black Americans for years,” tweeted Theresa Bates.

The 70-year-old rocker also mocked the Republican Party for what he sees as its lack of racial diversity.

“When you see the Democratic side of the House filled with brown people and black people, straight people and gay people, and then you look at the Republicans, who appear unchanged by history at this moment? They look ridiculous,” he said.

As far as Congressmen and Senators go, it is true more African-Americans in Congress are Democrats. However, it is also true those same Democrats are now being exposed as the problem as their cities and districts are being burned to the ground.

Right now, we are seeing far more black conservative activists who are now exposing the Democrats for who they truly are. That’s the type of change that could really help this country. President Trump has been advocating “school choice” as the biggest issue facing minorities today.

If these so-called bleeding-heart liberals really wanted to impact the inner cities, they would be on board to make school choice an option nationwide. Imagine if our inner-city kids got a great education and learned critical thinking skills. The Democrats are scared to death of that option.

Why? Well, if you educate the minority kids in the inner city, they would flee the Democrat plantation. It’s that simple. The Democrats would lose their hold on the black community. Let’s hope and pray we all see Trump get re-elected so “school choice” becomes one of his biggest legacies.

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