Stacey Abrams: ‘Jerry-Rig System’ To Win 2020 Election, ‘The View’ Deletes Segment From The Show

Whoopi Goldberg and her cohosts on The View just adore Stacey Abrams, who is now the top pick by the Democrat Party to be their nominee’s vice-president. However, Abrams went on an ill-advised rant about voter manipulation where she divulged the Democrats’ plans to “jerry-rig the system” and “go around the Consitution.” The View cut that segment from the final show. Don’t miss this.

Whoopi Goldberg, Stacey Abrams (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Stacey Abrams is the Democrat Party’s number one pick to be their nominee’s running mate. Just like clockwork, Abrams showed up on The View to be anointed by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the rest of the shrews.

The so-called interview was scripted by the Democrat elites. However, Abrams would go off script and divulge their plans to “jerry-rig” the 2020 election. Strangely, the segment where Abrams talks about the jerry-rigging was cut from the main show. Luckily, it is still on social media.

After an enthusiastic welcome, the hosts were eager to get Abrams involved in the 2020 election: “Rumors are flying that a lot of presidential candidates want our next guest on their ticket as V.P.,” a beaming Whoopi began, before tying in today’s national holiday to that push.

“Today is Presidents’ Day and while you’re not running at the moment, at this very second you’re not running, a lot of people want to see you on that ticket first as vice president,” she prompted Abrams.

Abrams didn’t disappoint her leftwing fans, saying it would be a “disservice” to not say yes as a woman of color. But the hosts wanted more. Whoopi touted, “You also see yourself running as president too?” to which Abrams gushed, “Absolutely!”

Co-host Joy Behar followed that up by frantically trying to get Abrams’ 2020 endorsement. “I don’t think you’ve endorsed a candidate yet, have you? Do you think you should? Would you like to? Would you like to do it here?” she begged.

After all the flattery, the hosts let Abrams explain at length her group’s work in fighting “voter suppression.” Abrams ranted about the importance of the census for non-white citizens and immigrants. She even warned illegal immigrants and criminals evading arrest that it was important they answer the census to gain political power:

[I]f you want to make sure that the person knocking on your door isn’t I.C.E., answer the census online….People who are afraid that if you answer the census they’ll be able to find you because you have a warrant, you owe somebody money, whatever, if you have a light bill or a cell phone, they know how to find you [already].

So answer the census so you can get your money and your political power because that’s how we decide congressional leaders, how we decide school board members, how we decide every level of political power. Answer the census in 2020, get your money and be counted.

That’s when co-host Sunny Hostin begged Abrams to teach us all about how the Electoral College is “racist.” It was so sugary and over the top. Abrams went into a tirade about the slavery days and claimed the Electoral College was born out of the racist “South.”

She also argued it was an antiquated racist system that we needed to get rid of, and that’s when Joy Behar complained she would have a hard time with Republicans in power.

Amazingly, Abrams calmly explained how the left could “jerry-rig the system and go around the Constitution” by using the popular vote because they “didn’t have time” to make a Constitutional amendment.

“This question was edited out of the aired show but The View’s Twitter account promoted it online,” Newsbusters reports. 

Americans immediately took to social media to blast Abrams.

“They are working on it with this compact between dem states where they give all their electoral votes to the candidate that wins the popular vote. These people hate this country,” tweeted Wayne Ennis.

“[W]ait…what?? The left just gets crazier and crazier,” tweeted “Impartial Observer.”

“Trump would love to see her on the ticket,” tweeted “johnedeiii.”

Stacey Abrams has a history of subverting elections in Georgia. She also has a history of voter fraud in her home state. 

We all remember back in 2018 when Oprah Winfrey was begging Georgia voters to put Abrams in the governor’s mansion. All Winfrey saw was Abrams as an African-American woman, and that was enough to endorse and beg Georgians to vote for her.

Abrams owed back-taxes and was also found to be guilty of a huge voter fraud scheme, but Oprah let that go in favor of playing the race card in hopes her celebrity would be enough to sway voters to elect an African-American Democrat.

So, hell yes, we would love seeing Stacey Abrams on the Democrat ticket. The fraudster against reigning Veep Mike Pence would make it easy to debate. And lastly, it’s no wonder The View cut this segment from their final show. Don’t worry. If Abrams becomes the Democrat VP nominee, her radical leftwing remarks won’t be forgotten by the Trump campaign.

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