Streisand: Americans Dying Over Trump’s Failure To Follow Science, Gets Blasted

Barbra Streisand is freaking out. She is claiming that President Donald Trump and the GOP are to blame for Americans dying. In fact, she takes it so far as to say “Trump is a saboteur of our public health. The GOP is not following medical science.” Streisand claims she trusts the CDC and has nothing to say about the Chinese Communist Party. That’s why she got blasted, big time. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Barbra Streisand (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Chinese communist leaders “intentionally concealed the severity” of the coronavirus from the world in early January, Department of Homeland Security intelligence said. But according to Barbra Streisand, “Trump is a saboteur of our public health.”

That’s the latest line of attack from the left-wing pop icon and apparent virology expert, who let loose a lecture full of feigning concern on Thursday, asking “What has happened to the Republican Party” and declaring that Americans are dying because the GOP ignores medical science.

“What has happened to the Republican Party?” Streisand tweeted. “They say nothing while Trump silences the CDC recommendations and contradicts Dr. Fauci by saying his science-based answer is ‘not acceptable.’ People are dying because of this failure of the GOP to follow medical science.”

The political rant continued an hour later, with the leftwing celebrity saying: “The CDC was once the world’s premier public health organization. In a competent Administration, the organization would be at the forefront in this pandemic. Now the White House refuses to even release the CDC guidelines for reopening the country.”

It was exactly one month ago that Barbra Streisand was calling for national unity as the country confronts the Chinese coronavirus. And, of course, it was just 24 hours earlier that she was blaming President Trump for the deaths of Americans killed by the Wuhan coronavirus.

As far as Barbra Streisand’s wild assertions that Trump and Republicans are ignoring CDC and health expert opinions, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress and the world this week: “There is certainly not a confrontational relationship between me and the president.”

“As I have mentioned many times, I give advice and opinion based on evidence-based scientific information,” Fauci said, adding that the president “hears that. He respects it.”

What about Florida and Georgia who opened back up two weeks ago? Are they seeing a surge in hospitalizations? Nope.

“Coronavirus Cases in Georgia, Florida Continue to Decline Despite Business Openings,” Yahoo News reports. “In particular, Georgia and Florida, which were projected to see a sharp rise in new cases, have not experienced major new outbreaks in the past week. The average number of new daily cases in Florida declined by 14 percent over the past week, and Georgia’s average new daily cases dropped by 12 percent during the same time period.”

Americans blasted Babs badly on social media for spreading fake news. 

“Oh, the CDC that called President Trump ‘RACIST’ because he shut down travel from China to America!!!! Thank God he did!!!” tweeted Earl Sanford.

“CUT THE B.S.! The scourge is well under control, people are no longer dying here, & we have got to begin opening up NOW! We can’t afford to wait! The President is an economics wizard & Fauci is just a cowardly & overly cautious partisan grunt whose only goal is to cover his ass!” tweeted Carole Eastman.

“Dr. Fauci is like the weathermen, first he says we should not wear masks because it does not help (back in March), & in the Senate says he is happy to see so many wearing masks, Dr. FAUCI IS A FRAUD!” tweeted “Betsabe.”

“Go away. No one cares about your opinion because you sang a few songs,” tweeted Lynn Klenow.

“Fauci is also trying to sell the vaccine/cure along with Bill Gates??? Do you see the conflict of interest here???????” tweeted D Marie Silvestri.

“I don’t know Babs….maybe, just maybe the Science alone isn’t enough. Did you know that your revered CDC says that 2020 has had .003% more deaths through April (from all causes) than the same period of 2019!?!” tweeted “Sponge4Life.”

“Yes and people die every day of thousands of other things besides this virus. In fact more people die of other things. They die from car wrecks, people get murdered, cancers, other health problems, and suicides. They are scared to seek medical because of your hype about the virus,” tweeted Avard Hall.

If you think Babs doesn’t know about #Obamagate, you’d be wrong. 

Just a few days ago, Hollywood leftists were rallying around former President Barack Obama as evidence mounts that he was involved in the failed takedown of Gen. Michael Flynn as well as a larger clandestine effort to derail the Trump presidency.

“Barack Obama is right. The rule of law is under siege in our nation. William Barr behaves like Trump’s personal cover-up lawyer than Attorney General,” Streisand tweeted.

Trump has repeatedly tweeted about a massive “Obamagate” scandal, saying that Obama and Joe Biden led the “most corrupt administration in U.S. history.”

You would think a few of these leftwing celebrities, who now have so much time on their hands living in the lockdown haven in California, would do a little due diligence to find out the truth. Streisand comes off brainwashed and totally oblivious to the reality of the coronavirus situation and the Obamagate scandal.

Babs boasts of having over 600,000 followers on Twitter, and yet she has zero regard for the truth. Those living without the truth are in for one huge surprise when Donald Trump gets re-elected.

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