Crooked Comey PRISON TIME! Trump Catches Former FBI Boss Red-handed In Sting Operation

President Donald Trump isn’t just draining the swamp, he’s making swamp creatures pay for their crimes, and he has set his sights on former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired last year and has recently been taunting the president on Twitter. Comey just got caught red-handed in a secret sting operation, and the potential charges will result in the former FBI boss going to prison for a very long time. […]


Hillary Clinton Trashes Donald Trump In Grammys Cameo, Realizes Her Big Mistake Too Late

The entertainment industry came together to bestow awards upon themselves once again on Sunday night for the Grammys. This time, disgraced presidential candidate Hillary Clinton showed her ugly mug in a cameo performance where she was featured trashing President Donald Trump. How original. She may have earned the applause of other elitist liberals in the room, but soon, she was regretting her politically-charged stunt big time. […]


Mueller Claims Incriminating ‘Text Messages’ Gone, Trump Finds ‘Evidence’ In Oval Office

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his FBI counterparts are claiming that they lost five months of critical evidence, namely the text messages of disgraced FBI agent Peter Stzrok and his mistress DOJ attorney Lisa Page. Of course, these text messages aren’t really lost, and President Donald Trump knows that they are the key to destroy Mueller’s investigation. Luckily, the president just slammed them with what he found in the Oval Office. […]


Democrats Accuse Trump Of ‘Threatening Democracy,’ Ronald Reagan’s Son Sets Them Straight

President Donald Trump has always said that the system was rigged against him from the very start, and he isn’t wrong. However, the Democrats – and even RINOs like John McCain – have accused Trump of “threatening democracy” when he calls the press out on their double-standards. Now, President Ronald Reagan’s son has come forward to set the record straight. […]


Hillary Panics As Trump Exposes ‘Sick Secret’ She Hid In ’Shithole’ Haiti After Hurricane

Hillary Clinton is in panic mode today as a comment President Trump made on Thursday in the Oval Office inadvertently revealed the “sick secret” she hid in Haiti after a disastrous hurricane struck in 2010. Trump may have referred to the third-world country as a “shithole,” but Hillary has got some serious skeletons in her closet when it comes to Haiti. […]


Democrats Claim Trump Is ‘Unfit’ To Be President, 25th Amendment Author Sets Them Straight

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution rarely gets much attention. However, it has become a hotly debated topic as of late, with Democrats attempting to use it to force President Donald Trump out of office. With those on the left claiming Trump is “unfit” to be president, one of the authors of the 25th Amendment has come forward to set them all straight. […]