‘I’m Under Attack’ Screams Maxine, Oathkeepers Run Her Out Of Town With Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters is finding out the hard way when you start a war and call for leftists to attack supporters and Cabinet members of President Donald Trump, there will be a reckoning. Well, Auntie Maxine is screaming, “I’m under attack,” after she caught the attention of an organization made up of former cops and military veterans called the Oathkeepers, who are running her out of town with a big nasty surprise. […]


JUST RELEASED: Anthony Bourdain Exposed ‘Piece Of Shit’ Clintons Before His Death

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who took his own life one month ago, has spoken from beyond the grave. The “Parts Unknown” host, who hanged himself in a French hotel in June, sat down with journalist Maria Bustillos from Popula magazine before his death. The interview, in which he exposes the “piece of shit” Clintons, was finally published on Sunday. […]


Page 203 Of IG Report Says Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Was Planned By FBI

If the mainstream media wasn’t biased, this would be front page news right now: Stunning revelations from the IG report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz suggest that the infamous 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton was coordinated — contradicting their claims that the meeting was “accidental” and “coincidental.” […]


Shocking Truth Emerges About Crying Honduran Girl Who Was ‘Separated’ From Family

By now, you have probably seen the stirring photograph of a young Honduran girl crying at the border as she is supposedly being separated from her family. The picture has been circulated by countless media outlets as a condemnation of President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policies. However, we’ve now learned the shocking truth about that little girl, and it will make you furious. […]


Lawyer Dumps Stormy After Losing Trump Case, She Hits Bottom Doing ‘Dirty Tricks’

The mainstream media couldn’t get enough of Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. CNN and MSNBC devoted entire shows to report how Stormy and Avenatti would bring down President Donald Trump. Well, once again, the leftist media got it all wrong as a federal judge just threw out their Trump case. Now, the lawyer has dumped Stormy, and she’s hit rock bottom doing “dirty tricks.” Don’t miss this. […]