Ford Calls Trump ‘Son of a B*tch’ While Promoting New Disney Movie, Regrets It

Harrison Ford is in hot water after promoting his new Disney flick. The movie, based on the 1903 classic book “Call of the Wild,” is something Disney is trying to market to “families,” and that translates into supporters of President Donald Trump. So when Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel this week and called the president “a son of a b*tch,” he was quickly made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Harrison Ford Says ‘Climate Change Denier’ Trump Must Go, Immediately Regrets It

Harrison Ford spoke at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco yesterday, and he has a message for Americans. According to the actor, we have been irresponsible in electing leaders, like President Donald Trump, who are “climate change deniers.” Ford also claims the biggest threat is “people in charge of important sh*t who don’t believe in science.” Well, the Trump-hater immediately regretted his words. Don’t miss this. […]


Delusional Meryl Streep Wants Hollywood To Take Over D.C., You Won’t Believe Her Plan

With each passing year, America learns how vile Hollywood really is. It’s almost laughable how much the industry lacks basic morals and values. Yet, these arrogant elitists believe they know better than the rest of the country. They continue to talk down to us, even when their own business is consumed in scandals. Now, Meryl Streep has announced that liberal actors should run Washington, D.C., and you won’t believe the delusional actress’s plan. […]


After Meryl Streep Says She’s ‘Wearing Black For Women,’ Clinton Rape Victim Shuts Her Up

Meryl Streep is setting the trend to “wear black” to the upcoming Golden Globe Awards next month. The leftist actress is calling for women attendees to dress head to toe in black, supposedly standing in solidarity with the victims of sexual assault. Except, Streep’s got one huge problem, and Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim Juanita Broaddrick just exposed it, shutting Streep up. You’ll love this. […]