Teen Suspect Shoots & Kills 2 At Riot, BLM Blames Blue Lives Matter Supporters

Law enforcement officials have arrested 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who is the suspect allegedly caught on video shooting 3 and killing 2 at the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. The video is very graphic and shows Rittenhouse tackled to the ground by a mob when the shooting starts. Black Lives Matter supporters have already decided that he is a white supremacist, loves “Blue Lives Matter,”and is being aided by the cops. Don’t miss this.

Suspect Kyle Rittenhouse at Kenosha riots (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

There is one thing we know for certain: the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin are totally out of control. Angry small business owners have reached out to the media hoping to have them acknowledge these riots have nothing to do with black lives or white lives.

These riots have destroyed their livelihood.

Which brings us to Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen suspect who was arrested on Wednesday. The leftwing media has rushed to judgment on this case. They are egged on by BLM supporters who base his guilt on a few seconds of video footage and by finding a few photos of Rittenhouse with police officers.

Let’s make this clear: we have no idea if he is guilty. He is only 17-years-old. We can say we have no idea why his parents would allow him to roam around the riots with a high-powered rifle.

Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting of three people ― two fatally ― during a third night of protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, county Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Earlier Wednesday, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that one victim had been shot in the head and another in the chest late Tuesday, just before midnight.

Beth didn’t know where the other person was shot, but a video posted on social media showed someone had been shot in the arm. The incident occurred at about 11:45 p.m. in the area of  63rd Street and Sheridan Road, Kenosha, police said.

Warning: Graphic Video

Another video, retweeted by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott, shows a man lying in a Kenosha parking lot with an alleged gunshot wound to his arm. We cannot connect this gunshot wound to any shooter at this time, but some reports claim Rittenhouse was the gunman.

Police have not yet connected this to Rittenhouse.

Warning: Graphic Video

Immediately, one Democrat candidate running for Congress in Arkansas decided to politicize the shooting. 

“This is Kyle Rittenhouse. He’s not from Wisconsin, he’s from Illinois. He went to Kenosha with a rifle to kill people. This is what a domestic terrorist looks like and this is what Trumpism is doing to American children. @SenTomCotton open your eyes to the real terrorists!” posted Dan Whitfield.

Then, we have Tariq Nasheed, who is also known as “King Flex” and claims to be a “film producer.” He is well-known by BLM as one of the biggest proponents. Nasheed also fancies himself a police detective it seems.

“Here is footage of a suspected white supremacist in Kenosha tonight who shot multiple people,” Nasheed claimed on Twitter. “This is the suspect who shot multiple people in Kenosha tonight. This aint a game out here. Stop treating this sh*t like its a block party, and understand people have wage war on you.”

Nasheed also claims because Rittenhouse was a one-time volunteer police cadet, he was being groomed by the police to be a “killer.”

“Suspected white supremacist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse was allegedly being groomed to become a killer cop,” he posted.

Another leftwing Twitter user claims Rittenhouse is guilty based on past social media posts of being pro-police. 

He also accuses the Kenosha Police Department to be aiding and abetting Rittenhouse. Commenters also claim Rittenhouse is a huge Trump supporter.

“Blue Lives Matter shooter who was thanked and given water by Kenosha PD identified as Kyle Rittenhouse. Police thanked him along with other armed gunmen and gave them water as well,” posted “CryptoPunk.”

“UPDATE: Video of Kyle Rittenhouse identifying himself before multiple shootings,” he adds. “Video recorder says they are with the ‘local militia’. Not sure who the ‘local militia’ is but they are working with Kenosha PD.”

These type of social media posts is what feeds the useful idiots the narrative that all cops are bad, as are supporters of President Trump.

A few video clips are not enough evidence to make a judgment. It may well be that Kyle Rittenhouse was acting a rogue gunman. However, his support of police officers, or Blue Lives Matter, tells us nothing about what went on during the riot.

His skin color does not mean he is a white supremacist. This is reverse racism at its finest. There is no doubt a teen with a high-powered rifle should not be left to his own devices. He should not be roaming around the streets while a riot is going on.

But this is what happens when the police are stretched beyond their limits. All Americans hope that justice is served, and the truth comes out in the end.

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