VIDEO: Teen Discovering Payroll Taxes Is Mic Drop Moment All Americans Must See

A viral video is making its way around the internet showing a teenager getting his first paycheck. The poor boy is so excited as he opens the envelope with his dad and big brothers who know he is in for a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

“Jojo’s” smile turns to sadness looking at his first paycheck (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

“Jojo, how’s it feel openin’ up this first check, man?” Dad asks from the passenger’s seat of the parked car, his voice brimming with expectation. “Oh, c’mon, Papa,” Jojo exclaims with a beaming smile, “let me just open it up.”

The 18-year-old holds his first paycheck proudly toward the camera. Then, in the envelope equivalent of spiking a football, he drops the check’s paper casing to the floor with a flair of a seasoned magician. He unfolds the document, reads the figures, and then, slowly but surely, everything changes.

Jojo’s grin flattens, then hardens into a visible downturned frown. His eyes dart back and forth past the figures on the paper. He doesn’t believe what he’s seeing. “Why your face like that, Jojo?” Father asks, knowing full-well what just happened. “We’re you expectin’ more?”

Dad and the two other guys in the car (reported to be his brothers) start to laugh. Jojo, however, isn’t amused. Without saying a word, he opens the door. “They took out taxes, Jo,” says one of the young men, “welcome to the world.” With that, Jojo exits the car.

“Jojo, where you goin’?” asks Dad. But his son can’t hear him. He’s already outside of the vehicle, pacing in disbelief.

As the initial shock quickly transforms into indignation, Jojo gets back into the car. “They just finessed me!” he proclaims to his comrades. “Aaauugh. Noooo.” The man in the driver’s seat takes the check from Jojo and tries to clarify the situation. “Okay,” he explains, “so they took out employee Medicare, and they took out your Social Security employment.” “But I got my Social Security number!” Jojo protests. It hasn’t sunk in.

“No, you always have to pay taxes…” the driver responds, “you have to pay taxes every time you get paid.” Dad interjects, “We have to explain to you how this works.”

Jojo’s buddy in the driver’s seat continues, “Look, you earned $282, but they still had to take out $28.42 in taxes, which is why you have this much to spend.”

“So, if I earned that, why can’t I get it?” Jojo demands.

“Because you have to take out federal taxes.” But Jojo’s not having it. Nor, frankly, should he be having it.

“With that, Jojo has been baptized into the million-wide involuntary fraternity of tax-paying Americans. Unlike other adult baptisms, however, this isn’t a celebratory event. Instead of bringing a sense of forgiveness, hope, and peace, the moment brings the opposite: condemnation, dread, and inner turmoil,” The Federalist reports.

“You pay taxes for everything, Jojo,” Dad assures his son as if that grim reality softens the blow.

Americans weighed in on “Jojo” and his tax lesson with many making the point its Democrats who always mandate higher taxes. 

“Lots of young people out there that you can redpill just by teaching them about taxes, how they’re spent and the fact Democrats want them to pay even more,” tweeted Robby Starbuck.

“Life lessons indeed. I applaud this young man though. And I hope he sees that taxes will only go up. Especially if Democrats get their way and more socialist programs become the norm. Taxed enough already!” tweeted Casey Evans.

“Don’t vote DemoRat brother! Lol I know that feeling,” tweeted Twitter user “Rachel.”

“Years ago, when my daughter got her first check from Dairy Queen… She opened it up, looked at me, and after I explained to her what was going on, she was so angry….I said welcome to the Republican Party,” tweeted “Tweetie Pie.”

“Welcome to the real world homie! Now you know why people complain about illegal immigrants in the work force. It’s not about being racist, it’s about watching someone cheat, while you get screwed. Like waiting in line at Disney, and watching people cut the line with no ticket,” tweeted Jake Morgan.

“Makes you really hate it when you see people just abuse the welfare system knowing you work hard so they don’t have to,” tweeted “Jankety News Network.”

YouTube star Joe Rogan is leaving California after scoring a $100 million dollar deal. 

The high tax rate in California is the big reason why Rogan is leaving the Democrat stronghold state. He is moving to the income-tax-free state of Texas.

“I’m outta here, I’m gonna go to Texas,” Rogan told Joe De Sena, the CEO and founder of Spartan and the Death Race, during the podcast.

“When you look at the traffic, when you look at the economic despair, when you look at the homelessness problem that’s accelerated radically over the last six, seven, ten years, I think there are too many people here,” Rogan added.

Rogan’s new $100m Spotify deal would be subject to a 13.3 percent income tax in California—but Texas is one of the seven U.S. states that forgo individual income taxes. This means that Rogan’s relocation could see him make millions in tax breaks.

We bet young Jojo can totally understand why the YouTube star is leaving California. Socialist countries like Sweden confiscate up to 70 percent of a citizen’s earnings. This message is so simple but so vital to those Americans who are on the fence about who to vote for this November.

We know Joe Biden will just be a puppet to the hardcore Democrats who are on fire to institute socialism in America. Share this information far and wide. It’s common sense to re-elect President Donald Trump.

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