Rapper TI: America Was Never Great For Blacks; Candace Gives Him Rude Awakening

Candace Owens got into a heated debate with Rapper T.I. who declared that: “America was never great for blacks.” Well, Owens taught him a lesson by giving the rapper a rude awakening on who is really destroying “black lives” in America. You’ll love this.

Rapper TI, Candace Owens (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

This little-known debate from September 2019, is making a comeback on the internet now that the issues discussed are front and center in America, today. Candace Owens takes on an entire panel of leftwing black activists, in front of an all-black audience, and she schools them on the facts and the history of African-Americans.

After Rapper TI claims Candace is crazy for supporting President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda and says: “America was never great for blacks,” Owens gives him a rude awakening.

“I would say that the first thing we need to do is to identify what our agenda actually is,” Ownes said. “And I think that the most important thing for people in this room to understand is that there is a very small window…right now the black vote is the most important vote in the country.”

Owens goes on to then explain that due to illegal immigration that the Democrats support, there will come a day in the very near future when the Hispanic vote will be a bigger contingency than the black vote.

“There’s a very small window before our vote isn’t going to matter,” she adds. “60 percent of all new births in this country are Hispanic-Americans….listen, listen. I say ‘illegal’ is the new black, and there is a reason why the Democrats are advocating for open borders.”

“Right now our vote means a lot, but new births of blacks have stagnated,” Owens explains. Candace is reminding this black audience that they should be against “open borders.” They will no longer be an important voting block and lose their power to the “illegals.”

Ownes then changes the subject and addresses the history of how the Democrats are destroying black America.

“The second most important thing that is facing black America is the illiteracy rates,” she said. “75 percent of black boys in California can’t pass a reading exam. Across Baltimore, they looked at five schools and couldn’t find a single black child that could pass a basic reading or math exam.”

“So, people, I caught a lot of slack because I said ‘this is the Democrat plantation,'” Candace declared.

She goes on the explain that just like the old plantation during slavery, the Democrats are using the same tactics to keep today’s blacks on their plantation. Owens cites ignorance, how slaves were not allowed to learn to read, and we find the same thing in our inner cities today.

The second thing Owens cites is the “break down of the black family.”

Candace goes on to explain how the Democrats’ “welfare program” of the 1960s called the “Great Society” destroyed black America.

“The biggest thing facing black America is father absence,” Owens said. “We have children growing up without their fathers in the homes and that is being incentivized by the government right now via the welfare system.”

“When the government says we will give you more money if you do not marry the father of your children, you are incentivizing bad behavior in our community,” she added.

Candace then also explains how radical feminism contributes to de-masculizing men and promotes mothers raising children without a dad.

“The single motherhood rate for black America in the 1960s was 23 percent,” Owens proclaims. “That was before (Democrat) Lyndon Baines Johnson started the Great Society. 23 percent was considered high. The single motherhood rate today in the black community is 74 percent.”

“74 percent of children are growing up without a father in the home, today,” Candace said. “Even Barack Obama had to tell you what happens when you remove the father from the home. Your nine times more likely to end up in prison. Your six times more likely to drop out of high school, and your 12 times more likely to lead a life of poverty.”

Candace Owens won this debate and left the “Black Lives Matter” activists speechless: 

Candace Owens is confronting the Democrats head-on and their anti-black agenda. 

If you want to understand how African-Americans ended up in the inner-city ghettos, all you have to do is go back to the 1960s and LBJ’s Great Society. Before that legislation was enacted, the African-American divorce rate and single motherhood rate were similar to white Americans.

The welfare system which was part of the Great Society was the beginning of the end for black families. So, when conservative African-Americans bring this message to blacks still on the Democrat plantation, it is powerful indeed.

The truth of their history will set them free to join those of us who are supporting the one man, President Trump, who has done more for them than any other modern president to date. The truth is a very dangerous thing to the Democrats.

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