Rocker Tommy Lee Swears He Will Leave U.S. If Trump Wins, Gets Rude Awakening

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is swearing to leave the United States if the president wins re-election. Lee is like so many in the Hollywood crowd who made the same promise in 2016, but they never left. “Dude, I swear to God if that happens then I’m coming over to visit the UK. I’m out of here,” Lee claimed. Well, that when the aging rocker got a rude awakening he never saw coming. Don’t miss this.

Tommy Lee (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has made the promise that many left-wing celebrities have made before and failed to honor — leaving the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

The 58-year-old rocker, who looks like he is much older thanks to hard living, told the British publication The Big Issue that he will leave the U.S. and move to Europe if the president wins re-election in November.

“Dude, I swear to God if that happens then I’m coming over to visit the UK. I’m out of here. I’ll go back to my motherland, go back to go Greece and get a house on one of the islands,” said Lee, who was born in Greece but raised in the U.S.

“The thing that stings the most is that I feel like we’re embarrassing. I feel like people in Europe and the rest of the world look at America and think: ‘What the f*ck are you guys doing over there? Stop voting for celebrities and get someone real to run the country.’”

Lee, who was once married to Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, recently gloated when President Trump and First lady Melania announced they had tested positive for COVID-19, calling it “karma.”

Last year, Lee reposted a letter aimed at supporters of President Trump and warning them that they would face “pay-back” if the Democrats win back the White House in 2020.

Tommy Lee did not know what hit him when Americans blasted him badly on social media. 

“Be sure to drop off your US passport on your way out. Won’t be missed,” tweeted Robert Stone.

“I’ll help you get out. I’ll pick your brain-dead, bony a$$ up and toss you over the border…loser #MotleyFool,” tweeted Twitter user “Darrell.”

“He should go right now to avoid embarrassment as he will be thrown out then….” tweeted “Madhurao.”

“Oh God I hope Trump wins so he can take Joy Behar with him,” tweeted Twitter user “Vic.”

“Umm … good? If any celebrity truly honors their threat, I can almost guarantee that means their main residence will be out of the country and they’ll still maintain some type of US residence. Also, no one gives a f*ck, has been!” tweeted “Stephanie.”

“I don’t think these people realize when they say things like this it is NOT the threat they think it is. It is in fact something to look forward to,” tweeted “Knightkore.”

“Tommy Lee is another of those people, often called a celebrity by the press, who arrogantly believes people really care if he leaves America. He is delusional,” tweeted Thomas Hibbard.

Rocker Ted Nugent, who is a huge supporter of President Donald Trump, also weighed in on Tommy Lee. 

In a new interview with Blunt Force Truth, Ted Nugent discussed his recent appearance on Sammy Hagar’s AXS TV reality series, when the topic of Tommy Lee came up.

“They thought I was dangerous, that I’d come out with a machine gun or I’d slaughter an innocent fawn on television,” Nugent said. “This is stupidity! I said, ‘So your producers were afraid of me, but they did a show with Tommy Lee, who’s a convicted felon, domestic violence heroin addict.’ They’re okay with this guy, but not with the Ted Nugent ‘Kamp For Kids’ charity.”

That’s what makes Tommy Lee’s threats so damn funny. It would be a relief to get rid of Tommy Lee. The guy has a history of violence and even spent six months in jail for battering Pamela Lee Anderson.

We all know these Hollywood celebrities make these statements, but when it comes down to following through, they stay. They know that America is the best place to live in the world. Faded rock n’ roll stars like Tommy Lee are just looking for another 15 minutes of fame.

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