Pro-Trump Black Pundit’s ‘Dire Warning’ Scares The Hell Out Of Pelosi & Democrats

A pro-Trump black pundit is scaring the hell out of Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts. The mainstream media is trying to make sure you don’t hear his “dire warning”, and that’s why you don’t want to miss this.

Nancy Pelosi, Damani Felder (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

His name is Damani Felder, and he has something to say to the radical leftists and the Democrat leadership. He just started a YouTube channel with his sibling called “The Right Brothers,” and their motto is “identity politics is dead.”

Something tells us this young man is here to stay as his latest message is scaring the hell out of the Democrats and their allies.

“To the feckless virtue-signaling Democrat leaders of America: you took the time to kneel about George Floyd so you could pretend to care about black people,” Felder said. “But I know the truth, the truth you continue to ignore.”

“So now allow me to call you on the carpet for your many failures in the black community that you refuse to acknowledge,” the pro-Trump pundit said. “How about kneeling to acknowledge that the worst riots and the worst incidences of police brutality in this country are in your cities alone.”

“You are the common denominator,” Damani declared. “How about kneeling to apologize for having the lowest minority literacy and graduation rates? But some of the highest single motherhood, abortion, and black on black crime rates in your own districts that you yourself represent.”

“How about kneeling for the millions upon millions of black children who never got a chance to live because your friends over at Planned Parenthood butchered them before they even had a chance to be born,” he added.

“How about kneeling for the untold number of my ancestors who were lynched by your former counterparts in the KKK for simply daring to ask to be treated as equal,” Felder proclaimed. “They didn’t get justice and today, by kneeling, for your white privilege, you still don’t treat us as equal.”

“You feel you have to apologize for your privilege because deep down you still think you are better than us by default,” he explained. “If you’d actually held your friend Amy Klobuchar accountable by prosecuting Devin Chauvin when she had a chance to after he had 10 complaints filed over his 19 years with the Minneapolis Police force, maybe George Floyd would still be alive.”

The fact of the matter is if you had to take a knee for every black life lost needlessly due to your failed leadership, you would be on your knees forever,” Damani said.

“The only black lives that matter to you are the ones that fit your agenda,” the black conservative added. “You know it, I know it, and the world knows it too.”

Felder goes on to explain how it was the Democratic Party who “filibustered” the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He goes on to remind them it was the Democratic Party throughout American history who fought against freeing the slaves, and it was the Democrats who refused to support giving blacks the right to vote.

“It was the policies you have implemented that have been the figurative knees on the necks on my people for centuries,” Felder declared. “And it is because of you and your failed leadership that many of us still can’t breathe today.”

Felder closed with a dire warning: “If you think our skin color will keep us from thinking critically, then you have another thing coming.”

Damani Felder is breaking social media with this video. 

In recent days, we have witnessed some of the grossest abuses by the Democrats and their useful idiots who are calling for “defunding the police.” Black Lives Matter has become one of the most powerful political organizations in America with corporations donating millions.

Mr. Felder is a breath of fresh air and sanity, and you bet the Democrats do not want people of color to hear his message. Felder unabashedly admits to being a big supporter of President Donald Trump. He knows he is dangerous to the status quo and the radical leftists who have taken over BLM.

After only three hours, this message had over 300,000 views on Twitter. We expect the powers that be at Twitter and YouTube to censor Damani Felder. That’s why it is imperative for patriotic Americans to share Damani’s words far and wide. The truth can’t be canceled. As hard as they may try, we all know in the end that the truth will set us all free.

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