Trump Wants To Start Charging Stores To Accept Food Stamps, Leftists Flip Out

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President Donald Trump is ready to implement a plan that charges retailers a fee for accepting food stamps. This will add an estimated $2.4 billion dollars that the president will have on hand in his budget. Well, Democrats and their far-leftist cohorts, including those who are on “lifelong welfare,” are completely flipping out. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump (left), Food stamps recipient from CNN report (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

President Trump is hoping to launch a new fee that the White House wants to charge retailers who accept food stamps, which is now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. President Trump can boast that 3.9 million Americans are off food stamps since he became president thanks to the booming economy and job market.

However, this is causing many leftists in America to flip out.

Welfare in the form of food stamps, vouchers, and free medical care originated as a way for Americans who had fallen on hard times to get by until they found employment. Most Americans view welfare as a handout and would only use it as a last resort.

It’s just like in the movie “Cinderella Man.” It’s based on a true story of Jimmy Braddock, a prize-fighter in the 1930’s Great Depression. He was a Democrat. At one point in the film, he was forced to go on welfare. It’s a heart-breaking scene.

When he started winning again, he walked back into that office and handed back every red cent. It was a triumphant scene. Why? Because it was emblematic of a spirit that we’ve lost in this country.

Today, America’s demographics have changed on the coasts. We also have the ghettos set up in the 1960s by the Democrats. And welfare became a way for a few bad apples to game the system. It’s become a way of life for ghetto moms and illegal immigrants. The more kids you have, the more welfare you can get.

Trump knows the system is broken with far too many gaming the system. 

Under the president’s plan, “the Office of Management and Budget said the fee would be assessed when stores sign up and would require renewal after five years. The budget office said the amount would depend on the size and type of retailer, but the president’s budget estimates that the fee would generate $2.4 billion in revenue,” CNBC reports. 

But that’s not all Trump is doing.

“Beyond the new fee, the Trump administration is proposing $191 billion in cuts over the next decade to the food stamp program. The U.S. budget office said the reductions would come from tightening the work requirement to qualify for the benefits,” CNBC added.

No longer can welfare recipients sit around and not look for work to qualify. Welfare shouldn’t be a way fo life, and that’s the point.

The existing system “is a formula for waste and growth rates and costs that are simply unsustainable,” budget director Mick Mulvaney said during testimony on Capitol Hill last month.

Of course, Democrats in Congress are freaking out. There are also those leftists on social media who are flipping out, spreading lies about this plan. 

“Cutting Meals on Wheels (because it’s a mercy) and charging stores to accept aid for those less fortunate. Let’s stop beating around the bush, just admit you hate those you…” tweeted Alexx Andria.

No one is cutting “meals on wheels.” This is a great example of the fear-mongering that happens whenever Trump does something the leftists know is correct.

“Some of the stories are just either grossly wrong or nearly grossly wrong, all the stories about how we cut Meals on Wheels,” Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“Why not line the poor up, march them off to camps, starve them and be done with it? Trump wants to start charging stores to accept food stamps,” tweets Twitter user “Geoffrey.”

Here we go, again. “Geoffrey” is making this crazy allegation hoping to keep the fear-mongering going. Anything with Trump and camps is a Hitler reference. This is getting really old.

“Odd. The feds outsource jobs and breed dependency on Snap (welfare) benefits. Then the feds keeps tricking the blue collar class into f*cking themselves at every vote. Now like half of…” tweeted Elden Wayne Whalen III.

Ah, this is another blatant lie. It was the Obama administration who outsourced American jobs. It’s been Trump’s administration that has brought jobs back, especially blue-collar manufacturing jobs.

“So, if stores don’t want to pay the fee, our won’t okay the fee, then recipients can’t use the store,” tweeted “Druid.”

Major stores in blue states make a lot of money off of food stamps. Thinking stores will stop taking food stamps is more fear-mongering. The point is to help these people get real jobs, and anything that is working toward that goal is a good thing.

Once upon a time in America, welfare wasn’t abused like today. In the past, blue-collar Democrats wouldn’t be caught dead taking a handout. It’s time we do the hard things and give all Americans a chance to experience self-worth that can only come when you are responsible for yourself and your loved ones. That’s what President Trump aims to do.

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