Trump Demolished Biden, Joe Spews 6 Big Lies At Debate – Democrats Denounce Him

President Donald Trump demolished Joe Biden at Thursday night’s debate. Trump was masterful as he steered the former vice-president into spewing six big lies. In fact, Joe screwed up so badly that some Democrat candidates are now denouncing him. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump, Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Joe Biden was such a disaster at the debate that some members of his own party are distancing themselves from him. It started as President Trump took control and steered the 77-year-old fragile Democrat candidate into spewing six big lies.

1) Joe Biden said during the presidential debate Thursday night that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, never resulted in Americans losing their health insurance plans.

VERDICT: False. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance plan because of Obamacare, which was called the “lie of the year” in 2013.

2) Joe Biden denies Trump’s claim that his brother Jim Biden: “made money in Iraq, millions of dollars.”

VERDICT: True. James Biden, the younger brother of Joe Biden, worked as executive vice president of HillStone International, a firm that received $1.5 billion in government contracts during the Obama administrations, including a contract to build 100,000 homes in Iraq as part of an international development project.

3) Biden claimed Thursday during the presidential debate that he “never said I oppose fracking.”

VERDICT: False. Biden has consistently criticized fracking and has promised to ban the process, along with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

“I have never said I oppose fracking,” Biden said.

“You said it on tape,” President Donald Trump interjected.

“Show the tape,” Biden said angrily. “Put it on your website.”

“I’ll put it on,” Trump said, before Biden accused Trump of lying and said he would “rule out banning fracking.”

“As per your request, Joe….” Trump tweeted along with the damning video footage:

4) Joe also insisted that his son Hunter Biden “has not made money” from China.

VERDICT: False. Hunter Biden’s law firm received nearly six million from a Chinese oligarch who sought power and influence in Washington, D.C.

“When Hunter Biden was sucking every dollar out of the Chinese communists he could, what did Joe Biden know about it? Much of this occurred while Biden was vice president, or while he was considering his run for [president],” asked Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) last week.

Moreover, Hunter Biden still owns a ten-percent stake in Chinese company Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), an investment firm he co-founded with funding from the Bank of China.

“The idea that Hunter could still profit off of the Chinese government if his father becomes president remains an incredible potential conflict [of interest],” noted Peter Schweizer, president of the government accountability Institute and senior contributor to Breitbart News.

5) Biden claimed during Thursday night’s presidential debate that border crossers freed into the United States show up to their asylum hearings.

VERDICT: Mostly False. A pilot program in 2019 by the federal government found that nearly 9-in-10 border crossers freed into the U.S. did not show up to their asylum hearing court dates.

pilot program was conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to test how many recent border crossers would show up to their asylum hearings after being released into the interior of the U.S.

The results found that about 87 percent of border crossers, or almost 9-in-10, recently released by DHS into the U.S. did not show up to their asylum hearings.

5) Biden along with the moderator Kristen Welker claimed at the debate that the president was responsible for over 200,000 dead Americans from coronavirus. He then claimed we are coming into a “dangerous” and “dark winter” and the virus is surging.

VERDICT: False. Trump pushed back against this claim by politely noting that the spike that slammed the United States with record levels of cases and hospitalizations this summer went away.

As of Thursday evening, the current spike in the average number of new daily infections and, to a much lesser extent hospitalizations, remained below levels reached in the summer, data maintained by the COVID Tracking Project showed.

6) Biden claimed during the presidential debate Thursday that U.S. schools are unable to open for in-person learning during the pandemic because “they need a lot of money.”

VERDICT: False. Backed by the teachers’ unions that have fueled the school closings, Biden and the Democrats were pushing for billions of dollars in funding in a coronavirus relief bill, much of which was intended to pay for considerably more than personal protective equipment and help with safety issues.

The leftwing teacher’s unions are using the pandemic as a power grab to rake in millions of taxpayer dollars. Schools can open safely. In fact, the CDC has advised that schools must reopen as soon as possible.

But the real barn-burner was when Joe Biden committed to end the fossil fuel industry and replace it with “renewable energy over time.”

“By the way, I would transition from the oil industry,” Biden said.

The following exchange ensued:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Would you close down the oil industry?

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.

TRUMP: Oh, that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: It is a big statement.

KRISTEN WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?

TRUMP: We actually do give it to solar and wind. And that’s maybe the biggest statement, in terms of business, because basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?

Immediately, the Democratic Party went into damage control. So far, two Democrat candidates denounced Biden’s remarks publicly. Oklahoma Rep. Kendra Horn (D) called the comments “one of the places Biden and I disagree,” and declared: “We must stand up for our oil and gas industry.”

Another Democrat from New Mexico, Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, warned against Biden “demonizing” the oil industry. She added that she would “continue to stand up to my party when they’re out of touch with the reality on the ground.”

We can expect many more Democrat candidates who live in states that depend on the oil industry to join these two in publicly denouncing Biden’s remarks. This last debate was a sheer disaster for the entire Democratic Party.

There are rumblings in the early voting tallies in the swing states that bode badly for Joe Biden. Florida, Pennslyvania, and Ohio all have record turnouts for the GOP. This turnout is crushing numbers from 2016 and is causing the Biden campaign to be extremely anxious.

Now, with this horrendous debate, it’s looking even bleaker. If Joe Biden thought he could lie his way into the Oval Office, he thought wrong.

Americans saw right through his old schtick that he is this middle-class guy from Scranton. Joe’s been exposed as a life-long corrupt politician who had 47 years to help Americans. Instead, it sure looks like he spent those years allowing his family to trade his political office to enrich themselves.

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