Trump-Hater Madonna Got ‘Rude Awakening’ When She Posted Info On COVID-19

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Madonna, who is a noted hater of President Donald Trump, got a rude awakening she never saw coming after she posted information about the coronavirus to her Instagram account. You’ll love this.

Madonna (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Madonna loves to keep her image fresh and trendy. At 61-years-old, the pop icon found out what it’s like to be a conservative in America today when she posted a coronavirus video to her Instagram account.

The pop star got flagged on Instagram for posting a video of an event from the America’s Frontline Doctors press conference this week that Breitbart News covered. In the footage, physicians addressed the pervasive climate of fear that they believe has obscured important facts about the Chinese coronavirus.

In her post, Madonna praised Dr. Stella Immanuel, the Houston physician who says she has treated 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine.

“The truth will set us all free,” Madonna wrote, according to screenshots of her now-deleted Instagram post. “But some people don’t want to hear the truth. Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a vaccine. Which has been proven and available for months. They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker.”

“This woman is my hero,” Madonna concluded, referring to Dr. Immanuel.

Tech censors soon cracked down on the pop star. Instagram first blurred the video and added a “False Information” label, according to multiple reports.

Instagram then removed the post altogether, saying it had been reviewed by “independent fact-checkers.” Facebook, which owns Instagram, has been stepping up its fact-checking efforts on the photo-sharing platform, relying on a network of outside fact-checking organizations that are mostly left-leaning.

A spokesperson for Instagram told The Guardian that Madonna’s post was deleted “for making false claims about cures and prevention methods for Covid-19.”

Madonna revealed in May that she got tested and discovered that she had antibodies for the coronavirus.

Most of Silicon Valley’s social media giants have censored the video of the doctors’ press conference, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google/YouTube. The video accumulated more than 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with more than 185,000 concurrent viewers, making it the second most-engaged post on Facebook that day.

President Donald Trump defended the physicians during a recent press conference. “I don’t know why, I think they are very respected doctors,” the president said when asked about the social media companies removing the videos.

On the subject of hydroxychloroquine, the president said: “Many doctors think it’s extremely good and some people don’t. Some people, I think, it’s become very political. I happen to believe in it.”

A study from Henry Ford Health System in Michigan found earlier this month that hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were given hydroxychloroquine were much less likely to die than those who didn’t receive the medication.

“Dr. Harvey Risch, a noted Yale epidemiologist, has also accused White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci of waging a ‘misinformation campaign’ against the drug hydroxychloroquine, claiming the medication has shown consistently encouraging results in treating COVID-19 when used properly,” Just The News reports.

“Hydroxychloroquine has been at the center of a protracted political debate since March, when President Trump cited the drug as a promising possible treatment for the novel coronavirus. HCQ has long been used by doctors to treat malaria along with other syndromes such as arthritis and lupus. The World Health Organization lists it as an essential medicine, while nearly five million Americans hold prescriptions for it,” they add.

Since Trump’s speculative endorsement of the drug, media outlets and medical officials have for several months aggressively promoted various medical trials that have determined the drug has no effect in fighting COVID-19. Many commentators have also insisted, in spite of the drug’s decades-long safe track record, that it is too dangerous to be used to cure the disease.

Risch, however, is sharply criticizing Fauci’s approach to evaluating the drug’s effectiveness, arguing that repeated trials and tests have shown that it is markedly effective at treating COVID-19 so long as it is administered properly.

Rush Limbaugh summed it up best: “Nobody’s gonna make money on hydroxychloroquine. Which is why, ladies and gentlemen, it is opposed.”

It can also be said it is opposed due to politics. The longer Americans remain fearful of the virus, the better it is for the Democrats in the upcoming election in November.

We also wonder if Madonna got “red-pilled” by getting censored. These leftists in Hollywood have long held they are on the cutting edge of being rebels — when the truth is they are only useful idiots for the status quo.

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