Trump Plays Video Of Media’s Blatant Lies At Presser, Acosta Has Epic Meltdown

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President Donald Trump punched back at the mainstream media at Monday’s presser. The president shocked the cable TV news networks by playing a compilation video of all their blatant lies on the COVID-19 crisis. Well, CNN’s Jim Acosta couldn’t handle it and had an epic meltdown. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

President Trump went on the offensive against the haters in the leftist media at Monday’s presser. Trump showed reporters at the White House press briefing a video of their own reporting on the coronavirus, pointing out their failures and his success.

The Commander in Chief said the reason he felt the need to compile a video was due to all of the “fake news” attacks. The media, once again getting their marching orders from the Democrats, have been claiming the president was not “prepared” and did not “take action” to counter the pandemic costing American lives.

It was such a blatant lie that Trump had no choice but to correct the record. He brilliantly used the media’s own words in the video to convict them of lying and spreading misinformation.

“We have a few clips that we’re just going to put up, we could just turn the lights down lower, I think you’ll find them interesting,” Trump said. “And then we’ll answer some questions, I’ll ask you some questions because you’re so guilty, but forget it.”

The president played the video on the screens at the White House press briefing room:

CNN immediately cut away from the live coverage of the presser because they were likely scared that their viewers would learn the truth. 

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jim Acosta couldn’t help himself. He was so triggered after the briefing he showed up on Wolf Blitzer’s show to have an epic meltdown.

“What we saw a few moments ago — it’s good we cut away from that — is the White House essentially tried to plate a campaign-style video in the White House briefing room defending the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic,” Acosta said. 

Then, he proceeded to ramble and told CNN’s viewers the same lies the president had just proven to be false. Acosta appeared nervous and sweaty, like a man caught in a huge lie.

“All of those things are false,” Acosta declared. “And another criticism could be made that while [Trump] was making the comments, parts of the country were not taking this as serious as they should have.”

“That is the kind of video you would expect to see at one of his rallies at any arena or venue across the country,” Acosta complained.

Americans responded to Acosta by making it clear no one is buying what CNN is selling. 

They got completely OWNED and they f-ing hate it. The fact that MILLIONS of people got to see it on Live TV is just eating them up. It was a truly epic moment for the President & All Americans that hate the Democrats #FakeNews Network’s,” tweeted “Angry Americans United.” 

“What’s ‘stunning’ is that CNN’s Jim Acosta still pretends to be an objective journalist,” tweeted Mark Grant.

“CNN lies and then is stunned when President Trump shows a video of their own words!” tweeted Twitter user “Rich.”

“Fake Outrage Like AOC, So Phony Dems Should Be Ashamed What A Disgrace Hahhhh. Hahhhh. Hahhhh,” tweeted “Trump Patriot Rising.”

@CNN cut the feed when the video was shown. WHY? But Acosta can report on it? He said it was the kind of video played at Trump Rallies. There are no videos played at the rallies!” tweeted Sharon Sheard.

“What is stunning is that Acosta and his fellow propagandists cannot recognize that all of THEIR newscasts are ‘campaign-style’ rhetoric. They are shilling for the Deep State Dems, pushing their socialist agenda,” tweeted “Restore Hope.”

The mainstream media were definitely “stunned” by President Trump’s video. 

Reporters appeared taken aback by the video, prompting questions about its source. White House reporter Jonathan Karl questioned why the president would use White House staff to complete a “campaign-style” video.

The president said that the clip was produced by White House staff in just a couple of hours to show the media their reporting errors.

“We could have given you hundreds just like that,” Trump said. “We have them. We didn’t want this to go on too long.”

This was classic Trump trolling the leftist media and giving them a dose of their own medicine, and patriotic Americans loved it.

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