Trump: Nancy Starts Coronavirus Panic To Score Political Points — She Freaks Out

President Donald Trump is livid. The Democrats are starting a coronavirus panic just so they can hurt him politically. “I think Speaker Pelosi is incompetent,” he said. “And all she’s doing is trying to get a political advantage.” Trump also exposed how Pelosi is actually making it harder to manage the virus and get a vaccine, and that’s when she freaked out. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The Democrats are using the coronavirus as a weapon to hurt President Trump politically. In fact, they are trying to start a panic in the United States hoping Americans will blame Trump. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are spreading lies and disinformation while they make ridiculous demands.

Speaker Pelosi is making ridiculous demands to make it more difficult for the president to manage the situation, and the only people she is really hurting are Americans. 

“Any emergency funding supplemental the Congress approves must be entirely new funding—not stolen from other accounts,” said Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in a joint statement.

Now, why would it have to be “new funding?” Pelosi and Schumer know that there is a surplus of millions in the Ebola fund. Trump is suggesting we use those monies to partially fund the coronavirus threat.

Pelosi and Schumer are trying to block that funding for no reason whatsoever. 

The Speaker and “Cryin’ Chuck” are also making wild accusations about Trump defunding the CDC. That’s another bald-faced lie. The Trump administration has indeed proposed cuts to the CDC, but they have not been implemented. Pelosi was freaked out by the president calling her bluff, so she made outlandish accusations.

“Up until now, The Trump administration has mounted an opaque and often chaotic response to this outbreak,” Pelosi said at her Thursday morning press conference. “They left critical positions vacant in charge of managing pandemics at the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security. They left them vacant—they dismissed the people and never filled the spots.”

This is Nancy Pelosi trying to start a panic when she knows full well Trump did not leave “critical positions vacant.” After the Ebola scare was managed and was no longer a threat to Americans, those “critical positions” were no longer needed. What would those people do? Cost taxpayers while they sit around and do nothing?

As the president said at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, those key positions are now filled. 

“I think Speaker Pelosi is incompetent,” Trump said. “She lost the Congress once. I think she’s going to lose it again. She lifted my poll numbers up 10 points. I never thought I would see that so quickly and so easily. I’m leading everybody. But I think she’s incompetent and I think she’s not thinking about the country.”

Trump sets the record straight about Pelosi’s ridiculous remarks. 

“Instead of making a statement like that where I’ve been beating her routinely at everything, instead of making a statement like that, she should be saying we have to work together because we have a big problem potentially, and maybe it’s going to be a very little problem,” Trump added.

“I hope that it’s going to be a very little problem, but we have to work together. Instead, she wants to do the same thing with Crying Chuck Schumer. He goes out and says the president only asks for $2.5 million. He should have $8.5 billion. This is the first time I’ve ever been told we should take more. Usually, it’s we have to take less. We should be working together. He shouldn’t be making statements like that because it’s so bad for the country,” the president declared.

He continued, “Nancy Pelosi, she should go back to her district, clean it up.”

He added, “I’m just saying, we should all be working together. She’s trying to create a panic, and there’s no reason to panic because we have done so good.”

Trump torches “Nervous Nancy” for using the coronavirus to try and score political points. 

“All they’re trying to do is get a political advantage,” Trump said. “This isn’t about political advantage. We’re all trying to do the right thing. They shouldn’t be saying, ‘This is terrible. President Trump isn’t asking for enough money.’ What a stupid thing to say? If they want to give us more money, well that’s OK, we’ll take more money.”

“But they shouldn’t demean the people on the stage that are the finest in the world. They’re not demeaning me. They’re demeaning the greatest health care professionals in the world,” Trump concluded.

The facts are President Trump was on top of this outbreak for weeks.

The Democrats and CNN were complaining Trump’s coronavirus team “lacked diversity.” That’s how serious they were taking the outbreak a month ago:

Trump established a task force back in January right after the first cases were found in China. He then issued a travel ban on January 30 which angered the Democrats. The travel restrictions were targeted toward those who would most likely pose a risk of transmitting the coronavirus into the United States.

Immediately following the travel restrictions, on January 30 HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared a nationwide public health emergency.

Using the authorities created by President Trump; and in accordance with the declaration, at 5:00 p.m. EST; Sunday, February 2, the U.S government implemented temporary measures to increase detection and containment of the coronavirus proactively.

However, in response to these proactive measures, Democrats and the national media declared that President Trump and his administration were “overreacting” to the issue. Of course, now they are saying the opposite — that Trump’s response is “chaotic” and “anemic.”

Well, they can lie all they want. Thanks to the president’s quick response, despite the Democrats calling him “racist” and downplaying how well he has managed this so far, Americans can rest assured our country is in good hands.

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