Not In My Town!: Trump Supporters Paint Over BLM ‘Steet Mural’ — Leftists Go Nuts

The mainstream media applauds when “protesters” tear down monuments and statutes, but when a Trump-supporting couple paints over a Black Lives Matter “street mural,” the liberal-leaning District Attorney goes nuts in ways that will make your head spin. Don’t miss this.

Nichole Anderson & David Nelson paint over BLM street mural (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Leave it to Contra Costa County, which is 25 miles outside San Franciso, to go nuts after one patriotic couple decided to paint over the Black Lives Matter “mural.” We have seen how the Democrat government officials have allowed BLM to paint in big yellow letters “Black Lives Matter” on main streets in our cities and communities.

Well, this couple had enough. Armed with the knowledge that BLM is a Marxist organization, Nichole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, brought black paint to restore the street to its pre-BLM look.

Right away, a few leftists gathered to berate the couple. But that didn’t stop them. 

The couple was charged with a “hate crime.” 

KCBS in Contra Costa announced the Trump supporters are being charged with a “hate crime” by the Democrat District Attorney.

“BREAKING: The #Martinez couple caught on video painting over the approved #BlackLivesMatter mural on #FourthofJuly are being charged with a hate crime, according to a release from the #ContraCostaCounty District Attorney’s office,” KCBS reports.

They were also charged with violation of civil rights, vandalism, and possession of tools to commit vandalism.

“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” stated Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton. “The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to communicate the importance of black lives in Contra Costa County and the country.

The radical leftists are calling the BLM street graffiti a “mural” since they got the city of Martinez to agree they could deface the street with their Marxist propaganda.

Americans are outraged over the entire debacle. 

“NEW RULES: 1. You’re only allowed to destroy statues, monuments, deface buildings & city streets if you have the correct skin color/political beliefs. 2. You’re not allowed to clean up the messes of anyone with the correct skin color/political beliefs,” tweeted PolitiChicks.

“Oh, good grief…Mural!? Really? It looks like street graffiti though readable graffiti. Our Country is getting overrun now with ‘approved’ BLM murals,” tweeted “Thor Son of Odin.”

“It was approved to paint this ‘mural’ on a street, and now the couple that painted over it are charged with a hate crime. Let’s paint all our streets! Unbelievable,” tweeted Twitter user “Sharon.”

“Wtf! You kidding me ⁦@craigmelvin rioters can tear down statues kill citizens while protesting? But these 2 citizens can’t? Who’s the racist?” tweeted John Marc.

“If anyone knows how to donate to their legal defense fund, let me know,” tweeted Henry Bass.

“This only makes sense. You cannot have political prisoners unless you have political crimes. And you can’t have totalitarianism without political prisoners. This is what they mean by ‘fundamentally transforming’ the US,” tweeted

Leftwing revolutionaries always eat their own.

“In the exhilaration of exercising power ruthlessly and unchecked, the cultural revolutionists soon turn on their own,” said Vicor Davis Hansen, who is a noted historian and expert on cultural revolutions.

“Gun sales are at record levels,” he added. “I supposed the revolutionaries never investigated the original idea of a police force and the concept of the government’s legal monopoly on violence? It was not just to protect the law-abiding from the criminal, but to protect the criminal from the outraged vigilante.”

Outraged vigilantes may become a reality real soon. Once we see normal citizens like this Martinez couple take to the streets to right a wrong, you can bet the silent majority is about to explode. We will bet everything on the silent majority in America. The coming backlash, including the re-election of Trump, will rock the BLM crowd to their very foundations.

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