Venezuelan-American Poll Watcher Alleges 3:30 AM Dump Of Ballots In Michigan

Jose Aliaga immigrated to Michigan about 20 years ago. In his homeland of Venezuela, he witnessed “stolen elections,” and it was one of the reasons he left there to come to America. Now, as a full-fledged American citizen, Aliaga volunteered to be a poll watcher at the TCF Center in Detriot. He is now sharing the details of what he alleges was a “3:30 AM dump of ballots.” Don’t miss this.

Jose Aliaga (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

We have all heard the claims of the ballot dumps that happened in several key swing states. Strangely, all these accounts happened around 3:30-4:00 AM in the morning after the election.

“I checked my phone at 3 AM,” Aliaga said. “Trump was up over 300,000 votes in Michigan.” 

“Suddenly comes a truck,” he adds. “With what I counted 59 boxes coming in of absentee ballots. Then they come and put them around those tables. So, I went to take a look. At one and two, tables one and two, and they are opening those new envelopes.”

“I find out that ballots, they have all the votes for Biden and Senator Gary Peters,” he explains. “That’s it. Everything else was blank. And everything was marked with the black pen. So, it’s weird. When you do absentees and you see so many… why everyone use black pen when you can use blue, too?”

Aliaga says it is his experience to see black and blue pens used on the absentees, and he was taken aback by what he saw including all those ballots marked solely for Biden and Gary Peters.

That’s when Jose decided to get a closer look, and he claims he was intimidated by the Democrat officials.

“They were yelling ‘six feet apart,’ and they were waving their arms in the air at me to get back,” he states. “They don’t want me to keep watching, and like everyone else, I was really tired and had a pain in my lower back.”

“But those guys looked great, they had great sleep and were fresh,” Aliaga said. “And they were really alert about what was going on and making sure we could not see what they were doing. So, in summary, their job is to make us uncomfortable, make us lose our concentration on the boxes, and our job was to make sure they weren’t cheating….but there was no way we could get a close look.”

Aliaga’s claim is backed up by sworn statements by other poll watchers in Michigan who allegedly saw Democrats giving out packets titled: “Tactics to Distract GOP Challengers.”

Aliaga said before he was intimidated and moved back, he allegedly saw between 7-10 ballots opened in a row which were marked for Biden and Peters, with the rest of the ballot blank. He sensed the election officials who were watching him knew what he claims to have seen, and that’s when they allegedly made a big deal about “six feet apart” and moved him away from tables one and two.

Jose also described people who were picking fights with the GOP poll watchers hoping to get them kicked out. He saw no more than 60 GOP poll watchers and 200+ Democrat poll workers.

His statements match other accounts of alleged massive intimidation used to prevent election integrity that night.

When Jose was walking around, he heard Democrat poll workers talking about “extra votes” and felt as though they were engaged in voter fraud. “They were very well organized,” he said.

“I know in Venezuela elections are like this.” Jose added. “This election was stolen.”

It’s so sad to see this immigrant who came to America to get away from a third world country being run like a banana republic, only to witness firsthand his new adopted country become the very same thing.

Look, those Democrats who claim these are just anecdotal instances and really aren’t anything that needs to be investigated, need to check themselves. This is no joke.

In one county in Michigan, the Trump campaign has 234 pages of sworn affidavits alone. Every single one of those poll watchers is informed they are making a “sworn statement” that carries the same weight as giving testimony in court under oath.

In other words, they could be jailed for perjury if they are caught lying. Jose said he knows this and is taking his testimony very seriously. These patriots are coming forward knowing they may be targets of threats and harassment.

That’s why the least we can do as Americans is pass along their testimony and demand our elected officials get to the bottom of this blatant fraud. We cannot and will not move forward as a nation until we see justice done and the rightful victor, whoever that may be, is certified as our president.

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