Waters: Shame On Trump, We Don’t Want Businesses To Reopen – Gets Blasted

Maxine Waters went on a tirade Monday night saying that the president and lockdown protesters should be “ashamed of themselves.” She then added that “no one wants to see any businesses open back up.” Well, poor Maxine didn’t know what hit her as she immediately got blasted.  You’ll love this.

Rep. Maxine Waters, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Monday night on Spectrum News 1’s “Inside the Issues,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump and the lockdown protesters should be ashamed of themselves for pressuring governors to reopen their states.

“You know our governors are under great stress,” Waters said. “The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves. They should not be encouraged in any way. They should not be encouraged from the top leadership of this country to go out and do that.”

“I know the pressure is on,” Waters said. “I know that you’re trying to hold the line. I want you to hold the line. I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up. I want the federal government to join with the cities and the states to support these families in every way that we can. I do want a moratorium on rent evictions. I have a huge bill.”

Maxine’s huge bill is a $3 trillion new relief package that is filled with leftwing handouts.

“We are very sympathetic to the pressure that is being put on by the president of the United States and organize efforts of these protesters,” Waters declared. “We want the governors to hold the line. Be as tough as you can be. Be as thoughtful as you can be. Do everything you can to hold the line. I know that Governor Newsom is doing that. And any small steps that he takes, he is doing it with a lot of support. We are with you, governor. Hold the line.”

Americans immediately blasted ole Maxine in ways she never saw coming.

“Maxine Waters demands all Californians submit to total government control forever. Government will pay you, pay your rent, buy your food, pay your cable bill, control your life. The woman is a red menace,” tweeted Chris Baker.

“They’re not even trying to hide their corruption and sedition anymore,” tweeted Motor Moose.

“This communist b*tch can go straight to h*ll…..” tweeted Mike Bravo.

“This old hag needs to go… @realDonaldTrump she’s a cancer in our democracy,” tweeted Renatus.

“Maxine Waters is the poster child for stupid. She should stay behind the fence at her house and keep her mouth shut,” tweeted Twitter user “Dave C.”

“I trust gas station sushi more than I trust @RepMaxineWaters. This ignorant news interview proves she cares more about getting her nonexistent legislation passed more than she does about getting resources to our community. #voteherout,” tweeted Joe E. Collins III.

“Allow me to summarize: The State Governors know what’s best. Protesters are just organized @realDonaldTrump voters. Stay home, we don’t want you going to work. The US Government will pick up your expenses,” tweeted Bob Smith.

“Resident Liberal Dumbass @RepMaxineWaters let it ‘slip’ today as to what the Democrats real agenda is…to keep everything closed, make everyone rely on the gubmint, and to seek politcal gain,” tweeted Twitter user “Brandon.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Tuesday that “his city” will continue the lockdown for three more months.

Then, on Wednesday morning took it a step further. Garcetti says his city will “never be completely open” until there is a cure for the coronavirus.

He made the comments Wednesday morning to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America,” just one day after it was announced Los Angeles County will extend its stay-at-home directive to residents for three more months, though some restrictions may be loosened or lifted.

“I think we have to all recognize that we’re not moving beyond Covid-19,” he added. “We’re learning to live with it.”

Meanwhile, on Fox News’ morning programming, “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade was decrying the county’s announcement, questioning how some areas could handle the response to the pandemic so differently, with Georgia and other states re-opening businesses while Los Angeles County extends at least some of the “Safer at Home.”

“What kind of attitude is this? Is this America?” Kilmeade demanded.

No, Los Angeles is not run by those who value the Constitution and respect Americans’ rights. Maxine Waters is parroting the leftwing talking points which are loving this pandemic and want to see as many Americans as possible have to rely on the government for 100 percent of their needs.

That’s how the communists take control. Well, we bet Maxine and her cohorts are going to run into a few freedom-loving Americans in Los Angeles who do not intend to see their businesses go bankrupt.

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