Whoopi Says Freed Terrorists Should Have Voting Rights, Audience Destroys Her

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Whoopi Goldberg didn’t try to hide her belief that terrorists, including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, should have votings rights if they are freed. Goldberg said that terrorist, rapist, or pedophile should have the same rights as all Americans, especially the right to vote. Well, the shocked audience immediately destroyed her. You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

During a segment on The View, Whoopi Goldberg defended Senator Bernie Sanders crazy idea that criminals should have voting rights, even those who have committed heinous crimes. Sanders is advocating for the right to vote for all convicted criminals in prison. When asked about the Boston Marathon Bomber, Sanders said he should vote like all Americans.

Goldberg agreed. And that’s when things got heated on The View when an unhinged Meghan McCain attacked her 63-year-old co-host, and rightly so.

“For Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris to go on TV and say that the Boston terrorist deserves any rights in this country after killing three people and injuring 264 in 2013, I think is disgraceful,” McCain said. “Does anyone think a terrorist should have a right to vote?” Meghan asked the panel of The View.

“Well, here’s what I’m going to say, if they let this terrorist out, because he served his time, he gets his — if he’s an American citizen…” Whoopi Goldberg said, pausing to ask McCain, “Why is your mouth open like that?”

“Because…Whoopi, he killed people,” McCain said.

“Yes, lots of people do this,” Goldberg exclaimed.

“He is a terrorist…he’s a radicalized terrorist,” McCain fired back.

“Our constitution says, if you’ve done your time…you have, we hope, been reformed, you’ve been changed. If they let him out, that means they feel his time is up and he gets to become the American citizen,” Goldberg said.

“If you’ve done your time–that’s what prison reform is about–if they let this man out, they are saying, ‘He has been reformed, we have–fixed him…We have rehabilitated him,” Goldberg said later.

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Abby Huntsman both said Sanders’ position looked bad to voters. “It’ll be used in a campaign ad against him because it doesn’t sound good,” Behar said.

“That’s what prison reform is about,” Golberg said, as co-host Sunny Hostin nodded her head in agreement. “If they let this man out, they are saying ‘he has been reformed, we have fixed him — rehabilitated him,'” Whoopi added looking out at the stunned audience who sat there refusing to clap and cheer as they usually do when Goldberg makes a big point.

And they weren’t the only viewers who are appalled at the 63-year-old comedian’s ridiculous take on voting rights.

“It’s so sad this woman because she’s rich- is out of touch and feels this is how she’s going out – she’s going to be stupidly controversial just to have people remember her – God Bless – but sad,” posted Twitter user “Abuelita 36.”

“She also thinks that rape is not really rape (‘not rape rape’) when it’s her fellow Leftists doing it. Her opinion is useless. She is political flotsam and jetsam,” tweeted Timothy Tobin.

“Yup way too far. I’m from Boston ask the families that lost loved ones at the Boston Marathon if that animal should vote,” tweeted Lizzy Coe.

This is the second big fight between the co-hosts of The View this week, and the audience is feeling the stress. The problem is as the Democrats running for president go so far to the left on issues, the shrews of The View feel the need to echo their outlandish policy positions.

Except for Meghan McCain, who can’t stand listening to ridiculous proposals like allowing the Boston Marathon bomber voting rights. McCain is no fan of President Donald Trump, but we’ll give her a pass on this topic.

If Bernie Sanders was advocating for all murderers to go free, Whoopi, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin would be nodding their heads in agreement. The good news is even the leftist audience sat there in stunned silence and was shocked that Whoopi Goldberg was such a sycophant for that nutjob Bernie Sanders.

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