Whoopi: Trump Batters Obama Who Did Nothing Wrong; Bongino Sets Record Straight

Whoopi Goldberg was in rare form on Monday as she accused President Donald Trump of “battering” Barack Obama who she claimed: “did nothing wrong.” Well, Dan Bongino set the record straight making it clear poor Barry and his deep state rats sure “did something.” You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Whoopi Goldberg and her crew have been particularly silent on one huge news item: Obamagate. The cohosts of The View remain utterly tight-lipped on anything that is related to the bombshell documents that were de-classified by acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell.

Instead, Goldberg and her crew decided Trump was upset over the “culture war,” and that’s when poor Whoopi really made a fool of herself. 

While discussing Obama’s veiled criticism of President Trump, co-host Meghan McCain said, “Obviously, everyone on the left has basically appointed President Obama as nothing short of a saint, and obviously I feel different as most Republicans and conservatives do.”

“If the election were held today, I do think Trump would be re-elected,” McCain added. “At a certain point, we have to start talking to each other in the middle, and we have to start talking about the faults on both sides because [Obama] was not a perfect president, and I don’t think perfect presidents would have ushered in the era of Trump.”

“OK, and so my belief is that no president is perfect,” Goldberg said. “No one is perfect, but you don’t have to exacerbate one’s imperfections. The other thing is, you know, listen, this man has been battered by this particular guy in the White House for almost five years.”

“This culture war, I’m sure it’s out there because people were kind of shocked I guess when it turned out that Obama was black,” Whoopi claimed. “Because I can’t see any other reason other than that to spark a culture war when he came in and took care of the business at hand that needed to be done.”

Whoopi is clearly avoiding the truth. The president was bashing Obama over the soft coup attempt that recent documents prove he was actively participating in. 

“Obama was the most corrupt President in US history. Thank you. Have a good night. #Obamagate,” tweeted Dan Bongino. President Trump then retweeted his post adding: “100% correct!”

This tweet is the so-called bashing by the president that The View cohosts were discussing. 

Dan Bongino posted his tweet on Sunday night following his show on Friday that “blew up.” On that show, Bongino, who is also a Fox News contributor, dropped some bombshell information about Barack Obama and the Obamagate scandal.

“Flynn was never unmasked,” Bongino said. “How do we know this? Well, it’s right there in the documents that were de-classified. There were no Flynn unmasking between December 28th through January 4th. We know Flynn’s phone call with [Russian Ambassador] Kislyak was on December 29th.”

“So, how did the Obama administration find out about his phone call with the Russian ambassador?” Bongino asked. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a nuclear bomb!”

Bongino goes on to quote from the Epoch Times piece titled: “Flynn’s Name Never ‘Masked’ in Call Transcripts Briefed to Obama, Records Indicate.”

According to the FBI’s own reports, on January 4, 2017, they were ready to close the investigation into Lt. General Michael Flynn due to “no evidence of wrong-doing.”

“FBI head of counterintelligence operations Peter Strzok scrambled that day to keep the probe open. Then-FBI Director James Comey later told the House Intelligence Committee that the probe was kept open after the FBI obtained Flynn’s calls with Kislyak regarding the sanctions,” Epoch Times reports.

Comey said the Flynn calls were “turned up … at the end of December, beginning of January.”

“Since no unmasking requests involving Flynn were made between the time the Kislyak calls took place and when the FBI had the transcripts with Flynn’s name unmasked, it appears his name was never masked to begin with,” Epoch Times adds.

This is where Bogino dropped the bombshell that Whoopi and her crew are too terrified to discuss. 

“That means Flynn’s phone call transcript could only have come from a ‘special type’ of request that only one person has power to enact…that’s right the unredacted name of who requested the Kislyak call was none other than Barack Hussein Obama,” Bongino said.

“That’s why these guys are being so shady when they discuss the Flynn matter,” Bongino said. “And that’s why Barry O is sweating bullets.”

Poor Whoopi. We bet she has no idea of the extent her icon Barack Obama has gone in his alleged coup attempt on President Trump. Whoopi thinks the president is bashing Obama over some “culture war?”

What a joke.

The Democrats can shut their eyes and pretend all they want that Barry O is some saintly political figure, but they will have a hard time pretending when the entire truth of Obamagate comes out. At some point, Goldberg and her crew will be forced to defend the indefensible, and we wouldn’t miss that for all the world.

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