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Surgeon Pleads Guilty For What He Did To Helpless Patients Who Were Knocked Out

People tend to worry before a surgery, and for good reason. Nobody likes to “go under the knife,” but at least you can feel safe, knowing that your doctor is doing his best to treat you. That trust is vital to the success and recovery of a patient. Unfortunately, one surgeon severely took advantage of not only this trust but his patients’ vulnerability. Now, he’s in hot water, and you’ll never believe what he’s guilty of doing. […]


CNN In Hot Water Again After Anderson Cooper Unloads On Twitter Against President Trump

Be careful what you tweet, my friends. Because, even if you delete it, people will remember. Those late-night posts can spread like wildfire come morning. Something hastily written in anger can blow up in your face. That’s just what CNN’s Anderson Cooper is learning this morning after a late-night tweet from his account, unloading against President Donald Trump, went viral. […]

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Months Later, New Report Reveals What Police Did Hours After Las Vegas Shooting

Months later, Americans are still stunned over the horrific shooting that took place on October 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lone gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from his Mandalay Bay hotel room. Using a variety of guns, he injured over 500 people, killing 58. Now, a new report has come out showing what the police did hours after the attack — but it only raises more questions. […]


House Committee Follows President Trump’s Lead, Destroys Liberals By Tweeting One Photo

They say you have to fight fire with fire. We’ve seen this to be true time and again. The left slanders President Donald Trump online using social media. So, the POTUS fires right back, often with tweets far more clever and devastating than those of his opponents. Now, a House Committee is following his lead. They are firing back against a liberal propaganda machine, and all it took was one epic tweet. […]


Crazy Sanders Proves How Bad Things Are For Democrats With What He Just Said About Trump

In yet another display of absurdity, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke out against President Donald Trump. Despite Bernie’s own problems — like his wife’s FBI investigation — he found the time to attack the Leader of the Free World. As the Democratic Party continues to crumble, their people can only point fingers. However, what Bernie said proves how bad things are getting for the Democrats and that liberals have nothing left in their bag of tricks. […]

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Google Accused Of Attacking Women, The Reason Will Have You Switching Services

You probably use Google every day. Its search engine and email provider are used by billions around the world. You probably expect the company to be unbiased and treat all of its users with respect, but you’d be wrong. What top leaders in the company are doing to other people in tech will turn your stomach. The reason why might even have you switching services immediately. […]


New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo In Hot Water After What He Was Doing With Staff

One of the most deeply-divided states in the country is New York. Even though it has plenty of hard-working, conservative citizens, it continues to be harassed by liberal leadership. Their current governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a frequent critic of President Donald Trump and Republicans, but it looks like he has his own problems, as news hit of what he’s been doing with his staff. […]