Cops & Criminals

WATCH: Self-Entitled NFL Thug Calls Female Cop A “B*TCH,” Quickly Made To Regret It

The NFL has another reason to be ashamed of itself after a viral video surfaced out of Atlanta, Georgia, where Seattle Seahawks player Malik McDowell showed the world what a thug he is by calling a female police officer a “b*tch.” Luckily for us, the camera was rolling when McDowell’s night of partying ended in what would quickly become miserable regret. […]


WATCH: Furious Rep. Jim Jordan Drops Brutal Truth Bomb On Corrupt DOJ, Obama, And The FBI

Epic video footage has surfaced of furious Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) slamming our dirtbag Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his refusal to appoint a 2nd special counsel despite the new damning evidence against the corrupt DOJ, Barack Obama, and the FBI for their attacks on President Donald Trump. The roof is on fire, and you don’t want to miss the truth bomb that Jordan just dropped. […]


New FBI Boss Tells Congress He Won’t Come Clean On Bureau’s Corruption For 2 Dumb Reasons

Christopher Wray is the FBI’s new head honcho, and he isn’t wasting any time in helping the deep state hide the truth from Congress and the American people. Wray was recently asked to come clean about the FBI’s anti-Trump operations and involvement in the fraudulent Russian dossier, and the two stupid reason he gives for refusing to tell the truth will make your blood boil. […]