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WATCH: Social Media Erupts After ‘Racist’ Soap Dispenser Video Goes Viral

A viral video posted to social media has sent the left into full meltdown after a “racist” soap dispenser in a restroom malfunctioned. This new battle cry of racism against an inanimate object proves that the left’s idiocy knows no limits. After this, no soap dispenser will be safe as snowflakes begin to equate them with Confederate statues. Wait until you see why the soap dispenser is now on the liberal hit list. […]

Cops & Criminals

Potheads Ransack Cars For Loot, Fed-Up Florida Homeowner With AK-47 Has Brutal Response

A woman in Chipley, Florida, was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud noise in the driveway. She immediately woke her husband to investigate, and just moments later, he came face to face with three teen thugs who were ransacking his vehicles for loot. Little did the potheads know, there would be a heavy price to pay as the fed-up homeowner confronted them with both his AK-47 rifle and a brutal response to their thieving behavior. […]

Cops & Criminals

4 Florida Thugs Invade Man’s Home & Shoot His Dog, Realize Their Big Mistake Too Late

In Summerfield, Florida, a man was at home with his girlfriend when he heard his back door being kicked in by 4 armed thugs. Instantly, the victim’s dog “Zeus” charged at the intruders to protect his family and was brutally shot in the head. In the moments that followed, the punks realized what a big mistake they had just made, but it was way too late to avoid the wrath of the fed-up couple who were more than ready for some vicious payback, and rightfully so. […]