Fox News Reporter Worships RINO Jeff Flake, Sarah DESTROYS Him In Front Of The WORLD

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is a RINO if there ever was one. Indeed, it seems as though the acronym “Republican In Name Only” was coined specifically for him. When a White House reporter for Fox News started worshipping Flake during a media briefing this week, President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly put him in his place, destroying his credibility in front of the whole world. […]

Health & Science

CNN’s Doctor Diagnoses Trump With ‘Heart Disease’ On Live TV, Regrets It Seconds Later

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN contributor, diagnosed President Donald Trump with “heart disease” on live television Wednesday amid the media firestorm surrounding the president’s yearly physical. This, despite the fact that Donald Trump is not one of Gupta’s patients, and the president’s own doctor stated emphatically that he is in excellent health. However, Gupta regretted his decision seconds later when karma caught up with him. […]


Democrats Accuse Trump Of ‘Threatening Democracy,’ Ronald Reagan’s Son Sets Them Straight

President Donald Trump has always said that the system was rigged against him from the very start, and he isn’t wrong. However, the Democrats – and even RINOs like John McCain – have accused Trump of “threatening democracy” when he calls the press out on their double-standards. Now, President Ronald Reagan’s son has come forward to set the record straight. […]


Communist CA Declares Itself ‘Sanctuary State,’ Trump’s DHS Has Brilliant Counter-Offer

California might as well be its own Communist country after declaring itself a “sanctuary state.” However, they’ve got another thing coming if they think President Donald Trump is going to let them get away with such lawlessness. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a brilliant counter-offer to California’s new sanctuary policy, and you’re going to love it. […]