White Teens Wearing #MAGA Hats Get Sweet Revenge After BLM Students Attack Them On Campus

Caucasian teenage girls were attacked by the students and faculty alike for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats while visiting Howard University in Washington, D.C., a historically “Black” college with an atmosphere that is aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the girls got sweet revenge on the racists after they were kicked off the campus. You’re going to love this. […]


Christians Ready For ‘War’ After Antifa Teams Up With Muslims & Attacks CA Catholic Church

Antifa thugs have joined forces with the jihadis and are now attacking Christian holy places in the United States. While the mainstream media continues to glorify these militant communists, they are covering up their alliance with Islamic extremists. Shocked churchgoers say they are now ready for “war” after Antifa showed up and attacked a Catholic Church in California. Here’s everything you need to know. […]


Trump Has Nasty Surprise For Michelle After She Takes Role On Famous TV Show To Trash Him

Michelle Obama has officially announced that she will be on one of the most famous situational comedies from the late 1990s. The show is making a “comeback” in the Fall 2017 lineup, and now, we have all the dirt about how this figures into Barack Obama’s sick plans to get the Democrats back on top. Never fear, Trump’s got a nasty surprise for Michelle and her Hollywood castmates, who have been bashing him big-time. You’re going to love this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Lone Patriot Destroys Antifa After They Put ‘Pregnant Black Woman’ On Gen. Lee’s Pedestal

The Antifa thugs aren’t anywhere near finished with their sick campaign to obliterate Confederate monuments. In Baltimore, after the cowardly liberal mayor removed Confederate statues in the middle of the night, the Antifa thugs placed a statue of a pregnant Black woman with a raised “Black Power” fist on the exact same pedestal. Well, one lone patriot has had enough, and he destroyed the Antifa thugs in one awesome move. You’re going to love this. […]


Bannon’s Out, Trump Insider Reports Shocking Coup Attempt Going On From Inside White House

Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart Editor-in-Chief who is credited for helping shape President Donald Trump’s campaign strategy, is out. It’s sending shock waves throughout the Trump loyalist camp, and now, we have learned of a shocking coup attempt launched by those working right inside the White House. It’s imperative that Trump supporters understand exactly what is going on, and we have the all the details that you need to know. […]


After Calling For Assassination, Democrat Senator Wakes Up To Trump’s Brutal Surprise

Democratic State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal is an arrogant, entitled, Black Lives Matter thug. In Ferguson, Missouri, she was responsible for forever ruining the life of Police Officer Darren Wilson, who was attacked by thug Michael Brown. Now, this racist agitator is out to paint President Donald Trump as a KKK member. However, Nadal’s not laughing now as she just woke up to Trump’s brutal surprise. You’ll love it. […]


Melania Trump Just Fulfilled Prophecy Given By Holy Man in 1980’s, This Will Blow You Away

The presidency of Donald J. Trump is like no other that we have seen in modern times. The fact that he was elected is somewhat a miracle, considering the evil globalist enemies that worked so hard to have Hillary Clinton defeat him at all costs. Now, a little-known prophecy has been recovered, which was given by a Christian holy man back in the 1980’s, and it was Melania Trump who just fulfilled part of what this mystic predicted. This will blow your mind. […]

Cops & Criminals

Militant Antifa Leader Vows More Beatings Of Conservatives, Trump Delivers Brutal Justice

A militant Antifa group on steroids, called “BAMN,” espouses that, through violence or “By Any Mean Necessary,” they will overthrow President Donald Trump and silence anyone who does not agree with their Marxist ideals. Their leader, Yvette Felarca, engaged in violently attacking protesters, burning buildings, and inciting a riot. She vows to bring a bloody revolution, but Trump just delivered brutal justice, and Felarca doesn’t know what hit her. […]

Cops & Criminals

Pissed Off Cop Blasts Antifa With 6 Words As He Protects Young Man With Confederate Flag

Antifa thugs, who are still stirring up violence in Charlottesville, were caught attacking a peaceful young man carrying a Confederate Flag at the spot where Robert E. Lee’s statue stood. He explained, “I wanted to honor my ancestors, people need to know they weren’t fighting for oppression or slavery.” However, the thugs were like rabid dogs, spitting and spewing racist epithets, but one cop had had enough. He shut their mouths with six words you’re going to love. […]


Obama Caught Paying Neo-Nazis Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars, Here’s What MSM Is Hiding

President Donald Trump is under attack by the Antifa thugs and their leftist, globalist masters who are egging on a false narrative that our president is a neo-Nazi supporter. The shocking report that the mainstream media is hiding is that it was Barack Obama who was colluding with neo-Nazis and paid them millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars. It’s so explosive, the liberal media will do anything to make sure you never find out about this. […]