Melania Gets Revenge On Michelle’s Minions After They Claim Japan’s First Lady Snubbed Her

As First Lady, Melania Trump has done nothing but bring pride back to America, but Michelle Obama and her minions continue to conjure up stories to make her look bad. Their latest rant has to do with Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe, who was seated next to Melania at the G20 Summit. In the meanest terms, they claim that she snubbed Melania so bad, except Melania has just set the record straight, getting revenge on them, and they are majorly pissed off. […]

Cops & Criminals

O.J. Gets Nasty Surprise From Nicole’s Kids That He Doesn’t Want The Parole Board To Know

O.J. Simpson was all smiles after the parole board at Lovelock Prison granted him early parole. The parole board grilled Simpson, who said, “I’ve never pulled a gun on anyone,” and, “My life has been conflict-free,” making people gasp in the gallery. Now, the Juice is getting a nasty surprise from his kids with Nicole Brown Simpson. Sydney and Justin Simpson are throwing a wrench in their father’s plans, and it’s something that may cost him his early parole if the court finds out. […]


Obama’s Secret Plan To Deploy Military On Election Day Exposed & It Will Blow Your Mind

Former President Barack Obama actually had a plan to deploy the military on Election Day, and this shocking information is no conspiracy theory. No one would believe such a crazy assertion, but it’s all documented, and we have the evidence to back it up. It’s a well-known plan among the federal agents who were expected, by presidential order, to shut down voting places, and we’ve uncovered the one thing that stopped them from activating that plan. This will blow your mind. […]


Corrupt Maxine Waters Gets Hit Where It Hurts After Her ‘Impeach 45’ Campaign Goes Too Far

Maxine Waters has finally gone too far. For months, we have been subjected to her delusions about impeaching President Donald Trump and her bald-faced lies. Well, the 78-year-old California politician just got the worst news ever, and it’s potentially career ending. Waters is reeling after she learned her “cash flow” is cut off, leaving her to beg others for money. You don’t want to miss this. […]


McCain’s Staff Hides Truth About Illness, Reports Of Bizarre Behavior & Outbursts Surface

Senator John McCain was just diagnosed with a grave illness, stunning the GOP. Many are convinced the McCain camp knew for quite some time that the 80-year-old politician was suffering from a disease that compromised his mental faculties as they hid his bizarre behavior and angry outbursts. Now, Americans are shocked to learn how bad things got behind the scenes as the truth about his illness, which his staff refused to report, has surfaced. […]


‘Pussy Hat’ Wearing Feminists & Muslim Extremists Praise Cop Killer, Get Brutal Backlash

In a sick display, women from the “pussy hat” Woman’s March and female Muslim activists all got together and sung the praises of a cop killer on the run. One of the activists, Linda Sarsour, is infamous for her hate for America, and she got a big shock after she claimed the cop killer was innocent. You don’t want to miss this, as big named politicos come down on these liberal women so hard, it shut their mouths, we hope for good. […]


Muslim Congresswoman’s Sick Secret Exposed After She Boasts ‘I’m Trump’s Nightmare’

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s newest Congresswoman, just made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He gushed as she laughed it up, boasting, “I’m America’s hope and Trump’s nightmare.” Noah was intent on scoring points against Trump by using the Somali immigrant, who now sits in Congress, but that backfired as her sick secret got exposed. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Trump Delivers A Brutal Surprise To Chuck, Nancy, & Maxine For Stealing Your Tax Dollars

President Donald Trump is completely finished with those elected officials who refuse to act in the best interest of the American people. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters are intentionally hurting the country by stealing our hard earned tax dollars, and then, they continue to lie about it. Well, no more. Trump just gave those Democratic losers a brutal surprise, and he wants every American to know he’s rooting out the real evil. […]


Kamala Throws Islamic Torture Victims Under The Bus While Protecting ‘Special Criminals’

Kamala Harris is getting a real thrashing by conservatives after she threw victims of torture under the bus while protecting her “special criminals.” Her hypocrisy is on full display, showing just what a lowlife she truly is, and it’s coming back to haunt her. You’ll love how Ms. Harris is put in her place by real patriots who aren’t fooled by her sick liberal ideology. […]


Ann Coulter Gives Delta Attendant A Nasty Surprise After She’s Thrown Out Of Her Seat

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter was treated unfairly by Delta Airlines over the weekend, and after a campaign by Coulter to find out what happened, it was revealed to all come down to liberal hatred. Coulter, who is a frequent flyer and 6′ feet tall, booked an extra leg room seat. However, she was approached by a Delta attendant who rudely took away her ticket. Now, that attendant just got a nasty surprise that she won’t soon forget. […]