Michelle & Her Minions Freak Out After Catching Melania Doing 1 Thing For Poor Kids At WH

No matter what Melania Trump does in her role as the first lady, it’s never good enough for Michelle Obama and her minions in the mainstream media. After the liberal press caught FLOTUS doing some good for poor African-American children at the White House, they decide to trash-talk her instead of doing unbiased reporting. Michelle Obama is directly involved in this too, but you’ll love how our first lady comes out looking like a shining star. […]


‘Rocket Man’ Has Big Temper Tantrum After Trump Brilliantly Castrates Him In The Worst Way

“Rocket Man,” also known as Kim Jong-un, is having a massive temper tantrum in response to President Donald Trump’s brilliant plan that just took away his “gravy train.” The bombshell move by Trump is sending shockwaves all over the world as Jong-un has just been castrated in the worst way by the leader of the free world. The mainstream media refuses to report on Trump’s biggest win yet, as Rocket Man is reduced to tears and foul language. […]


Trump Receives Demand From Obama’s Billionaire Buddy, Gives Him A Nasty Surprise Instead

Barack Obama’s billionaire buddy, Richard Branson, is trash-talking President Donald Trump to the British tabloids over climate change and the recent hurricanes. Branson went on further to demand American taxpayers’ hard-earned cash from Trump, and our president let him know that’s not going to happen. Poor Barack, his good buddy just got a nasty surprise from President Trump, and it will affect Obama, too. […]

Cops & Criminals

DWS Goes Into Hiding After Police Directly Tie Her To Sick Muslim Who Enslaved 3 Women

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has gone into hiding after police confirmed that she is directly tied to a sick man who enslaved three women right here in the United States. The shocking reports, which the police just released, prove Wassermen Schultz’s very intimate connection with the enslaver, who “beat and bloodied” the women. The bizarre story is backed up by witness accounts, and you’ll be sickened to learn her role in the whole thing. […]


Mad Maxine Loses It, Disrupts Funeral Screaming ‘Trump-KKK’ As Her Sick Secret Comes Out

Maxine Waters won’t stop her crazy rants until she self-destructs, and she’s getting pretty darn close to a complete mental breakdown. Her latest antics at a funeral, where she started screaming “Trump-KKK,” are so over the top and distasteful that even those who support her are staying clear of Auntie Maxine these days. What’s worse is her sick secret just came out, and it’s something she was trying to hide for over 12 months. It looks like Maxine Waters is sinking fast. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Horrified Huma Won’t Save Weiner After Sick Thing He Told Judge About Sexting With Teen

Huma Abedin is horrified after her husband, Anthony Weiner, divulged in court the sick twisted thing that he and the North Carolina teen girl, his sexting partner, used to do. A disgusted judge listened to Weiner’s defense, and his wife, who is still Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, won’t save him now with any “favors.” That’s how debased Weiner went in his comments on the teen girl, and thankfully the judge just dropped a huge bombshell on him. Don’t miss this. […]

Health & Science

Ivanka Comes Clean About Her Serious Illness, BLM Leader Tells Her To ‘Suffer’

Ivanka Trump got blasted by a Black Lives Matter “feminist” leader after she revealed details on her serious illness. The hateful BLM leader took delight in one of Ivanka’s most vulnerable moments as she identified herself as someone who has been privately suffering from a diagnosis that other women can relate to. You’ll be shocked that any women could tell her to “suffer,” but even that didn’t stop Ivanka from doing some good. […]


Morgan Freeman Slapped Hard After Playing ‘God’ To Feed Americans Dirty Lie About Trump

Eighty-year-old Morgan Freeman is shocking in a new video where he uses his previous acting role as God to influence Americans to believe a lie about President Donald Trump. Freeman is the voice of a sinister organization that’s led by Barack Obama’s henchmen. Luckily, Morgan Freeman isn’t God, and he just got slapped hard by a little “divine justice.” It’s something he’ll never forget. […]


Sick Trump-Hating Reporter Reveals 1 Secret, Puts Don Jr & Kellyanne’s Lives In Danger

The liberal media just got caught with their pants down after months of inaccurately reporting that President Donald Trump was lying when he said the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower and his campaign. One reporter made her mark with TV appearances driving this lie home, and now, she is out for revenge. For no good reason, this reporter revealed one secret that just put Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway’s lives in danger. […]


De Niro’s ‘Dark Dirty Secret’ Comes Out After He ‘Sneaks’ Into UN For Showdown With Trump

Aging actor Robert De Niro mysteriously “sneaked” into the United Nations, looking to grab the headlines on what is President Donald Trump’s big day. Trump was on hand on Monday and Tuesday, addressing the UN’s General Assembly as the United States stands perilously close to nuclear war with North Korea. De Niro made his play for a showdown with Trump, and it all went wrong as his “dark dirty secret” came out instead. […]