Social Issues

Black ‘Queen’ Berates Passengers on Their White Privilege, Gets Brutal Smackdown

A woman, who identified herself as a “black queen from California,” attacked white passengers on a recent flight. She claimed they needed to “bow down to her blackness” and stop their “white privilege.” After ranting and raving for two minutes, the “black queen” got a brutal smackdown she won’t soon forget. Don’t miss this. […]

Cops & Criminals

BLM Supporters Mock LA Deputies Shot In The Head, Candace Owens Torches Them

On Saturday night, two Los Angeles County deputies were ambushed and shot in the head by a lone gunman who is being hailed as a hero by some Black Lives Matter supporters. “We hope they f*cking die!” screamed the BLM activists who rushed to the hospital where the two deputies were being treated. Well, that’s when Candace Owens utterly torched them. Don’t miss this. […]


NFL Gets Reality Check From Fans During ‘Social Justice’ Moment Of Silence

On Thursday night, the National Football League launched its grand return to primetime. However, it was the fans who were making the headlines after the NFL orchestrated a “social justice” show of unity they described as “a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country.” Some of the 17,000 fans the NFL had in attendance gave them a huge reality check. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

SNL Comedian & BLM Supporters Mock 9/11 Anniversary, They Get Rude Awakening

Black Lives Matter supporters and their Antifa cohorts are using the 9/11 anniversary to mock those Americans who lost their lives 19-years ago. Pointing to a Netflix special starring Saturday Night Live’s Micheal Che, they claim it’s ridiculous to say “never forget 9/11,” the same way they are “offended” by those who say “All Lives Matter.” BLM activists also claim: “9/11 is sad but let’s remember that #AllBuildingsMatter.” Well, that’s when they got a rude awakening from patriotic Americans. Don’t miss this. […]

Political Opinion

Behar: Trump & GOP Enablers Committed ‘Negligent Genocide’ — Ivanka Torches Her

Joy Behar was using her platform as a cohost of The View to accuse President Donald Trump and his “Republican enablers” of committing “negligent genocide.” Behar is re-writing history and forgetting it was the Democrats who claimed the president was “over-reacting” and was a “xenophobe” during the early days of the pandemic. That’s why Ivanka Trump stepped in and torched Behar. You’ll love this. […]


ESPN To Televise “Social Justice” & Singing Of Black National Anthem – Regret It

ESPN is scheduled to launch the National Football League games and has made a major announcement about the pre-game festivities. The players have said they will protest, and ESPN says they will televise it. But that’s not all. ESPN is proud to announce they will also televise the singing of the “black national anthem,” which will be sung five minutes before kickoff. Well, that’s when Americans gave them all a huge reality check. […]

Political Opinion

Behar: Trump Could Pull This Off! Get Rid Of Electoral College, She Gets Torched

Joy Behar is very upset at the likelihood of President Donald Trump’s re-election. “Trump could pull this off! They need to change the Electoral College as soon as possible,” the ABC talk show host said. Behar also shared a ridiculous leftwing conspiracy theory that the Electoral College favors a “handful of states” who she claims “determines my future.” Well, that’s when poor Joy got torched over her loony theory. You’ll love this. […]


Milano: ‘The Entire GOP Should Be Tried for Treason’ – She Gets Brutal Smackdown

Alyssa Milano is saying that the “entire GOP should be tried for treason” over the latest hit piece by Democrat huckster Bob Woodward who claimed that President Donald Trump downplayed the dangers of coronavirus to discourage the public from panicking. The Democrats are treating this like a “bombshell” revelation. Well, that’s when the truth came out, and poor Alyssa got a brutal smackdown. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

Biden Appears At Michigan Auto Plant, Trump Supporters Give Him Rude Awakening

Joe Biden’s handlers decided their strategy of spending the campaign inside his bunker basement wasn’t working anymore. So, they arranged for their 77-year-old candidate to take a trip to a Michigan auto plant where he was met by a group of Trump supporters. Not only did they possibly make poor Joe regret his trip, but his campaign was caught hiding something you don’t want to miss. […]

Political Opinion

Pelosi Was Just Made To Regret Attacking Salon Owner Who Was Forced To Shut Down

Nancy Pelosi was caught redhanded while she was unmasked at a San Francisco hair salon last week. Instead of apologizing for her blatant hypocrisy, the Speaker of the House decided to attack salon owner Erica Kious which lead to numerous death threats and caused the total shut down of the single mom’s salon. Well, poor Nancy did not know what hit her as she was just made to regret attacking Erica Kious. You’ll love this. […]