Michelle’s Caught Dancing Wearing ‘Shorts,’ Daughters Give Her Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama slipped into a Beyonce concert in Paris, France. Wearing a see-through white blouse with matching white short-shorts and 5-inch platform sandals, the former first lady looked like she raided one of her daughter’s closets. As she started to twerk with Beyonce’s mom, that’s when Michelle got her a nasty surprise from her daughters. Don’t miss this. […]


Meghan’s ‘Terrified’ After Queen Trashes Her Political Antics To Trump During Meeting

President Donald Trump spoke about his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II while he traveled on Air Force One. The president gave the meeting a glowing review, and one subject he did elaborate on rocked the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. In fact, the Queen gave Trump the “go ahead” to send a clear warning to Meghan about her sick political antics, and now we have proof she is terrified her days may be numbered. […]


Meghan’s In Hot Water: Queen Ditches Her & Warmly Welcomes Trumps To Windsor

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is in hot water after she embarrassed the Queen during President Donald Trump’s first state visit. It seems Meghan can’t stop speaking out about her sick political views, and the Queen rightly ditched the American actress in favor of warmly welcoming the First Couple to Windsor Castle. Now, Meghan looks like a fool as Trump’s successful visit is marked by making the Queen laugh. […]


CNN’s Jim Acosta Looks Like A Buffoon After Trump Destroys Him On International TV

President Donald Trump held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May as he continues on his European tour. The entire press pool was on hand in Buckinghamshire, England, as the conference was live streamed across the world. When CNN’s Jim Acosta started shouting out of turn, the president shocked the Brits with the way he shut him down, making Acosta look like a buffoon on international TV. […]


Melania Steps Out Of Presidential Limo At English Palace, Instantly Becomes ‘Royalty’

First Lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband, President Donald Trump, to a very important state dinner at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England. As she stepped out of the presidential limo, the British press went nuts as she instantly became “royalty.” Now, leftist in America are furious as Melania has officially eclipsed all first ladies since Jackie Kennedy. Don’t miss this. […]


CNN Uses Maxine Waters’ Playbook & Attacks Trump Supporter, Get Nasty Surprise

The unhinged leftists are getting worse by the day, including their cohorts in the mainstream media. Taking a play right out of Maxine Waters’ playbook, the losers over at CNN targeted a supporter of President Donald Trump for one thing: He made a video the president loves. Imagine having your privacy invaded and nutjobs attacking you just because you support Trump. Well, it all backfired as CNN got a nasty surprise. […]


VIDEO: Nursing Student Goes ‘Swimming With Sharks,’ Now She’s Lucky To Be Alive

Katarina Zarutskie is a Miami nursing student and an Instagram model who came very close to losing her life. Originally from Orange County, California, the petite blond was vacationing down in the Bahamas when she had the crazy idea to “swim with the sharks.” Now, her ordeal is going viral as the entire spectacle was captured on film, and she is lucky to be alive. […]


Bill De Blasio Freaks Out After Border Patrol Catch Him Red-Handed ‘Breaking The Law’

Mayor Bill de Blasio is in hot water. He ditched his duties in New York City and traveled down to the Southern Border on a whim, hoping to exploit the immigration crisis.  The liberal anti-Trump mayor was hoping to score points as he looked for photo-ops, but instead, he’s freaking out as border patrol agents caught him red-handed breaking the law in a big way. Don’t miss this. […]