Trump Has A Nasty Surprise For Johnny Depp After The Drunk Actor ‘Threatens Assassination’

Johnny Depp, the washed up drunk in public actor, just threatened President Donald Trump, and now, he is finding out that wasn’t too smart. Depp is in a long line of idiots in Hollywood who have threatened violence against the 45th president, and after the shooting of GOP Congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia, you’d think this would stop. Well, Trump has just delivered a nasty surprise to the Pirates of the Caribbean star. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Kamala Harris Gets A Nasty Surprise After Silencing Female Genital Mutilation Survivors

Kamala Harris is a big phony, who supports monsters who abuse women. She calls herself a feminist and then silences two women who have endured the worst types of torture, surviving female genital mutilation (FGM). The women were testifying before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and after Harris treated them like dirt, the women got her back with a nasty surprise you’re going to love. […]


James Comey Spotted In Total Panic, Caught In Secret Meeting With Trump’s Biggest Enemies

James Comey is coming under fire after he was spotted trying to slip into one very prominent location unnoticed where President Donald Trump’s biggest enemies can be found. Not only that, but this secret meeting can be very incriminating for Comey, who admitted under oath to leaking information to the media. You’ll be shocked at Comey’s big mistake as he is clearly in panic mode as he gets caught red-handed. […]


Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Silence, Drops Bombshell About His ‘Intimate’ Relationships

Barack Obama’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve Cook is clearing the air about their intimate relationship, and it’s quite a bombshell. Cook dated Obama for over a year when Barack was twenty-two, and she kept journal entries that back up all her memories. Cook opened up, giving new information about the 44th president’s sexual relationships. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Trump Just Gave Debbie Wasserman Schultz A Nasty Surprise After She Spewed Lies On Live TV

President Donald Trump is feeling triumphant after the long months of enduring the Democratic political witch hunt. Thanks to Trey Gowdy, who cornered Barack Obama’s former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on the bogus Trump-Russia investigation, top Democrats like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are now lying on live TV to save themselves. However, Trump just landed a knockout punch with a nasty surprise for Debbie, and it’s causing Democrats on Capitol Hill to panic. […]


Hot Texas Mom To Undergo 8 Surgeries, Liberals Furious To See Who She Wants To Look Like

Texas mom Claudia Sierra is planning to undergo eight plastic surgery procedures, including a breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, a Brazilian buttock lift, and an eyelid lift. She’s doing it all to look like one famous woman in particular, and she’s not the only one rushing to do so. Liberals are now furious over this new trend after catching a glimpse of who Sierra hopes to resemble. […]

As Democrats Run Their Mouth About Entitled Illegals, Trump Drops Massive 5 Year Bombshell

As Democrats Run Their Mouths About Entitled Illegals, Trump Drops YUGE 5-Year Bombshell

Democrats have made their stance on our federal laws abundantly clear as they continue to advocate for illegal aliens who break our laws, saying that they’re “entitled” to American freedoms. Unfortunately for the morons dumb enough to keep running their mouths, President Donald Trump just slapped them big time – and all it took was a “yuge” 5-year bombshell to do it. […]