Cops & Criminals

Horrified Huma Won’t Save Weiner After Sick Thing He Told Judge About Sexting With Teen

Huma Abedin is horrified after her husband, Anthony Weiner, divulged in court the sick twisted thing that he and the North Carolina teen girl, his sexting partner, used to do. A disgusted judge listened to Weiner’s defense, and his wife, who is still Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, won’t save him now with any “favors.” That’s how debased Weiner went in his comments on the teen girl, and thankfully the judge just dropped a huge bombshell on him. Don’t miss this. […]

Health & Science

Ivanka Comes Clean About Her Serious Illness, BLM Leader Tells Her To ‘Suffer’

Ivanka Trump got blasted by a Black Lives Matter “feminist” leader after she revealed details on her serious illness. The hateful BLM leader took delight in one of Ivanka’s most vulnerable moments as she identified herself as someone who has been privately suffering from a diagnosis that other women can relate to. You’ll be shocked that any women could tell her to “suffer,” but even that didn’t stop Ivanka from doing some good. […]


Democrats Panicking As New Evidence Surfaces, Revealing Who Really Colluded With Russia

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has seemingly tried every excuse in the book to explain why she lost the White House to President Donald Trump last November. Her favorite of these, though, is that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. After shamelessly pushing this lie for months on end, the Democrats are now panicking, because new evidence has surfaced, revealing who really colluded with the Kremlin. […]


Morgan Freeman Slapped Hard After Playing ‘God’ To Feed Americans Dirty Lie About Trump

Eighty-year-old Morgan Freeman is shocking in a new video where he uses his previous acting role as God to influence Americans to believe a lie about President Donald Trump. Freeman is the voice of a sinister organization that’s led by Barack Obama’s henchmen. Luckily, Morgan Freeman isn’t God, and he just got slapped hard by a little “divine justice.” It’s something he’ll never forget. […]


Hillary’s Caught Giving $800K To Fund Violent Antifa Savages, But It Gets Even Worse

Thanks to the millions of fed-up American patriots who came out in droves last November and voted for Donald J. Trump, we successfully kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. However, despite the fact that she does not have the advantage of sitting in the Oval Office each day, she is still doing whatever she can to manipulate the political scene. She has now been caught funding the violent savages of Antifa with an $800,000 donation, but that’s not even the worst of it. […]


Secret Message Hidden In Melania Trump’s U.N. Outfit, Leaves Hillary Clinton Livid

There is a lot of talk circulating across the internet after pictures surfaced of First Lady Melania Trump attending the United Nations General Assembly alongside President Donald Trump. Although most eyes were on the President, viewers have picked up on a “hidden message” in the outfit Melania wore to the assembly, and all fingers are pointing to Hillary Clinton as the intended recipient, leaving her furious. […]


Fundraiser For Kids With Cancer Canceled After Trump-Haters Complain About 1 Thing

A triathlon in North Carolina which serves as a fundraiser for children with cancer and terminal illnesses has been canceled by its organizers after a bunch of Trump-hating liberals complained about one thing. Conservatives are furious that the organizer has chosen to give sick children the short end of the stick in an attempt to appease screaming liberals, and when you hear why they complained, you will be too. […]