Angry Joy Behar Makes Stupidest Mistake Explaining Why Democrats Lost Senate

Joy Behar and her co-host on The View were shocked that there was no blue wave. As always, Behar had to blame it on anyone but the Democrats themselves. In fact, when an ABC News political analyst tried to tell her that President Donald Trump is an astute political player, Joy wasn’t having any of it. Then, she made the stupidest mistake trying to explain why the Democrats lost the Senate. You’ll love this. […]


Fed-up Trump Explodes On CNN’s Acosta After Seeing What He Did To Female Aide

President Donald Trump did a huge favor for the White House press corps when he personally came out and held a press conference today. After he started taking questions, immediately CNN’s Jim Acosta made a scene when he wouldn’t sit down after having his turn. Then, he turned his belligerence on a White House female staffer. That was enough for President Trump, who exploded on Acosta, and it didn’t end well for poor Jim. […]


Meet The Democrats Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Who Still Won Big On Tuesday

When the Democrats say all sexual abuse survivors should be believed, what they really mean is only the women accusing Republicans are credible. When it’s a woman accusing a Democrat of sexual misconduct, suddenly it’s a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” If you don’t think that’s true, it’s time to meet the Democrats who were accused of sexual misconduct but still won big on Tuesday. […]


Navy SEAL Trounces Democrat Opponent, Uses Victory Speech To Bury SNL

Over the weekend, “Saturday Night Live” took aim at Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in Afghanistan. However, the publicity — and Crenshaw’s classy response to the unwarranted attack — only helped to cement his win on Tuesday. After trouncing his Democratic opponent, the newly-elected Congressman expertly used his victory speech to bury SNL. […]


Obama’s Called ‘Biggest Loser’ In Midterms As He Wakes Up To Trump’s Surprise

Barack Obama broke past-presidential tradition as he actively went out and campaigned for key Democrats running in last night’s midterm election. The big blue wave never materialized, as the Democrats have gained only a very thin majority in the House of Representatives. The former president went head to head against President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, and Obama must be crying today as Trump gave him a big nasty surprise you’ll love. […]