Trump Cancels NOKO Summit After Pulling ‘Fast One’ On Kim, Making Him Lose His Mind

President Donald Trump is handling North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un like a petulant child who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Before canceling the summit, Trump played Kim like a fiddle and pulled a “fast one” behind the scenes. The leftist media doesn’t want you to know that Trump’s actions left little Rocket Man dazed and confused, with people in North Korea saying he’s losing his mind. […]


Trump’s Visit To UK Includes Tea With Queen As He Drops Nasty Surprise On Meghan

Queen Elizabeth II is reported to be inviting President Donald Trump to tea and to tour Buckingham Palace this summer. It’s well-known the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, called the president a “misogynist,” saying “vote for Hillary because you don’t want the kind of world Trump is painting.” Now, the president is dropping a nasty surprise on Meghan that she won’t soon forget. […]