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Major Hollywood Liberals Speak Out About “President Oprah,” Reveal Things No One Expected

Much of the Internet is still swooning over the idea of a “President Oprah.” After her mostly hollow speech at the Golden Globes, the vapid media all-but christened her our next Commander-in-Chief. However, it’s a long way until 2020. And, even Oprah herself won’t commit to a decision. That hasn’t stopped a few notable celebrities from voicing their own thoughts on the media mogul. Turns out, she doesn’t have the total support in Hollywood the left thought she did. […]


After De Niro Screams ‘Trump’s A F*cking Idiot,’ Fed-Up Americans Give Him Brutal Surprise

Robert De Niro was in front of a packed house, including children, when he mentally lost it on stage. The aging leftist celebrity was presenting fellow actress Meryl Streep with the best actress award at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala in New York when he launched into a profanity-laced tirade about President Donald Trump. De Niro’s epic meltdown seems to be the final straw as fed-up Americans gave him a brutal surprise. […]


Delusional Meryl Streep Wants Hollywood To Take Over D.C., You Won’t Believe Her Plan

With each passing year, America learns how vile Hollywood really is. It’s almost laughable how much the industry lacks basic morals and values. Yet, these arrogant elitists believe they know better than the rest of the country. They continue to talk down to us, even when their own business is consumed in scandals. Now, Meryl Streep has announced that liberal actors should run Washington, D.C., and you won’t believe the delusional actress’s plan. […]

Liberals Push For 'President Oprah,' Then James Woods Responds With 3 Damaging Pictures

As Liberals Push For ‘President Oprah,’ James Woods Responds With 3 Damaging Pictures

After Oprah Winfrey’s highly publicized speech at the Golden Globe Awards, the left began to drool over the possibility of her running for president against Donald Trump in 2020. However, their dreams are quickly getting crushed as none other than James Woods has now stepped up to the plate against liberal lunacy once again, and he responded to the push for “President Oprah” with three damaging pictures the left doesn’t want you to see. […]


After Golden Globes Used To Launch Oprah’s 2020 Presidential Run, She Gets Nasty Surprise

Move over Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey have been declared the Democratic candidate to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. Winfrey accepted a “Lifetime Achievement” award at the Golden Globes, delivering a speech filled with creepy leftist rhetoric like a slick politician, and immediately afterward, NBC and other major outlets named her the “46th President of the United States.” However, it went all wrong as she got a nasty surprise she never saw coming. […]

Celebrity Defies ‘All Black’ Policy With ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit… Can You See The Problem?

Celeb Defies ‘All Black’ Policy With ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit, Color Isn’t The Only Problem

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for their so-called activism, liberal celebrities called for all Golden Globe Awards attendees to wear black in order to make a statement about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. However, not everyone complied, and at least one woman defied the policy by wearing what some are calling an “inappropriate” outfit — and the color isn’t the only problem. […]


Hollywood Liberals Trash Trump At Golden Globes, So Denzel Washington Sets Them Straight

Whenever an annual awards show rolls around in Hollywood, the liberal elites of Tinsel Town inevitably use it as a means to promote their agenda, and this year’s Golden Globes were no different. However, as celebrities gathered to trash President Donald Trump on Sunday evening, there was one actor among them who was having none of it. Denzel Washington, who can always be counted on to lend a bit of much-needed wisdom, was quick to set his liberal colleagues straight as they went after our POTUS. […]


Meryl Loses Her Mind, Screams At Melania After Her Role In Weinstein Sex Scandal Comes Out

Meryl Streep needs a mental health check after she attacked First Lady Melania Trump for no sane reason. Streep seems to be losing her mind as the shady details of her past are starting to come out, especially when it comes to her relationship to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. After she started to scream at Melania Trump, shocked leftist reporters are now scrambling to keep Streep’s sick past with sexual predators a secret. […]


Meryl Streep Slandered Trump For Months, But Americans Just Sent Her A Nasty Surprise

Hollywood celebrities have been bashing President Donald Trump since day one. These entitled liberals never cease in their arrogant tirades. Perhaps most notable is Meryl Streep, who called out the President before millions of TV viewers. However, after so many months of attacks, the once beloved actress is feeling the pain. Americans have spoken, and they’re not pleased. […]