Abrams: Cops Murdered Black Man For Sleeping In Drive-Thru, Candace Torches Her

Stacey Abrams was all over cable news networks stoking racial tension in America following the fatal shooting of an Atlanta man named Rayshard Brooks, who went berserk as cops tried to arrest him. Brooks ran away from the officers, then he turned and fired a taser weapon. Abrams claims he “presented no danger” and “was murdered because he was a black man asleep in a drive-through.” Well, that’s when Candace Owens torched her. You’ll love this.

Stacey Abrams, Candace Owens (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Stacey Abrams has admitted she is actively seeking to be named Joe Biden’s running mate. That’s why despite having been involved in a massive voter fraud case in Georgia and having no leadership experience, Abrams has to play the race card.

Abrams told George Stephanopolous on ABC’s This Week that Rashard Brooks was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-through. Making matters worse, the mainstream media are claiming Brooks was “unarmed.”

The truth is the shooting was justifiable. 

Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year old black man, apparently fell asleep at the wheel in a Wendy’s drive-thru lane. After a citizen’s complaint call, two Atlanta Police Department officers were dispatched and encountered Brooks, who was now parked in the lot. A field sobriety test raised reasonable suspicion of Brooks being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

“The cops then performed their sworn duty to enforce the law and attempted to take Brooks into custody. A violent, sustained struggle ensues. Brooks then grabs an officer’s Taser and attempts to flee on foot. Both officers give chase,” Washington Examiner reports.

Wendy’s security camera footage released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation picks up the pursuit and clearly shows Brooks spin around and appears to fire the Taser at the closest officer, less than 10 feet away.

“In a split second, the targeted officer appears to duck, collides with a parked vehicle, switches his own Taser to the other hand, draws his sidearm, and fires at Brooks, leaving him mortally wounded on the pavement,” Washington Examiner adds.

Abrams then took her race-baiting and cop-hating message to CNN’s New Day. The vice-president hopeful claimed Brooks’ death is akin to George Floyd’s in Minneapolis, saying the decision to shoot him in the back was not justified. She added that “it was murder” by the Atlanta police.

That’s when Candace Ownes torched Black Lives Matter supporters like Stacey Abrams. 

“Rayshard Brooks ran away from cops with a stolen taser which he attempted to fire at cops. He was JUSTIFIABLY fired on. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about facts though so let’s burn down Atlanta (a black city) and throw Brooks SIX state funerals! You are all clowns,” Owens tweeted.

Owens was also angered by the arrest of one of the police officers involved and how Atlanta’s police chief was made to resign following this shooting. Meanwhile, the usual suspects started a riot and someone burned down the Wendy’s restaurant where the shooting took place.

“Any person demanding justice for #RayshardBrooks is representative of the absolute vermin of American society. There should be protests DEMANDING that the police chief be reinstated and that mayor @KeishaBottoms RESIGN for placating CRIMINALS. I’VE HAD ENOUGH. #BackTheBlue,” Owens added.

“There are millions of black people who wake up every day and do the right thing,” Owens said. “We do not riot. We do not loot. We do not do drugs. We do not disrespect law enforcement. We are tired of having our image tainted by the radical leftist anarchist black lives matter movement.”

“We are tired of being told we ‘ain’t black’ because we don’t have the time or the desire to defend your criminal ass brother, cousin, or son— just because he has the same complexion as us,” she added.

All cops know this shooting was justifiable. 

As a former federal prosecutor noted at RedState:

The APD manual states an officer may only use deadly force when:

“1. He or she reasonably believes that the suspect possesses a deadly weapon or any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury and when he or she reasonably believes that the suspect poses an immediate threat of serious bodily injury to the officer or others.”

There is no doubt everyone feels pain and sympathy for the family of Rayshard Brooks. However, the reaction by the city of Atlanta to charge the police officer and for making the police chief resign only makes it more dangerous to live in America.

You bet police officers are taking note and will now be less likely to engage a suspect who is presenting a dangerous situation that calls for lethal force. If you or a loved one is between that suspect and an officer, you better pray he isn’t scared of the consequences if he shoots. It’s those one-second decisions that cops have to make that stand between life and death.

That’s why they shot Brooks as he quickly turned and aimed at them. Their hours and hours of training kicked in. They weren’t asking what type of weapon does he have. The action of aiming anything at an officer in pursuit means he will shoot. And now not only is Brooks dead but those officers’ lives are ruined, forever.

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