Antifa Attacked Tucker Carlson, Got Hit With Consequence That May Outrage Them

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The radical, left-wing terror group known as Antifa has a reputation for endangering the lives of Americans. They have exposed private citizens’ addresses and bullied them in public. They’ve even started riots and caused significant violence. But after they tried to bully conservative newsman Tucker Carlson, they might be rethinking their tactics after getting hit with an unexpected consequence.

Antifa (stock photo) exposed Tucker Carlson’s home address to the public, leading to a mob outside. (Photo Credit: AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images, Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Antifa calls themselves enemies of “fascists.” The great irony, of course, is that Antifa employs fascist tactics — such as violence, threats, and intimidation — to silence political rivals.

Since Donald Trump won the presidency, we’ve had no end of this idiotic group. Made up of mostly college-aged men, these crybabies take breaks from their jobs at Starbucks (and playing video games in mom’s basement) to protest, riot, and disturb the peace.

From coast to coast, Antifa groups have incited violence against conservatives. Antifa was behind the infamous burning at Berkeley, when a gay Trump supporter was scheduled to speak. Antifa crashes peaceful, Free Speech rallies, attacking and intimidating regular Americans.

Recently, they’ve been behind attempts at intimidating our lawmakers. Antifa-connected groups have bullied senators at public places. This week, they doxed the home address of Fox New’s Tucker Carlson.

With his personal information exposed to the public, Tucker was then targeted by an angry Antifa mob. They surrounded his house in the dead of night, screaming at his wife and children.

The first Twitter account, “Smash Racism DC,” published a number of tweets encouraging the far-left mob that descended on Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington D.C. earlier tonight. Per Gateway Pundit, an individual affiliated with DC Antifa said the mob harassment of Carlson was “just the beginning.” [Source: Breitbart]

These antics have a very clear intention: to silence conservatives from standing up for what they believe in. If Antifa does it to government leaders and conservative news people, then they’ll surely do it to the millions of Americans who support President Trump.

Their goal is to stop us from sharing our ideas, speaking against policies that are bad for our country, and voting for our desired candidates. They mean to take our society and culture hostage through acts of violence.

Nothing is more fascist than that.

The response from Tucker Carlson and others in the media have not been what Antifa was expecting. Speaking on his own show, Tucker declared he would not back down despite the danger Antifa posed to his family.

“What’s it like to find out that your wife is hiding in the pantry because people are threatening her? I mean, it’s upsetting,” he said.

Carlson insisted he wasn’t going to back down from his role as a media commentator given these antics.

“This has a chilling effect on people’s ability to speak and to think freely,” he said. “That’s the point. It’s totalitarian in its intent. We should fight it.” [Source: Breitbart]

Antifa really believes that Americans are wimpy cowards. I guess they’ve never really spent any time with a red-blooded patriot, huh? People who love their country and stand up for traditional values do so in the face of a media, pop culture, and government that works against them.

Conservatives have had to endure decades of Hollywood and D.C. intimidation. That has only made us more determined to uphold our ideals.

Does a group of cowardly children in masks stand a chance?

Newswoman Sharyl Attkisson pointed out a significant fact about the Tucker attack, one that will stick in Antifa’s craw.

Small, insecure, angry people (who need to shower more often) will ALWAYS attack those who are as they say, ‘over the target’. Like the way Antifa attacked Tucker Carlson’s home and his wife.

Sharyl Attkisson summed this up far better in her tweet than we can:

Way to go, Antifa, you just made Tucker Carlson even MORE popular.

They’re terrified of him and his message so they’ll do everything they can to shut him down while pretending he’s somehow the bad guy so they can justify their disgusting behavior. [Source: Twitchy]

If they didn’t like Tucker’s show before, they better look out! As someone familiar with Tucker’s style and brand, I can guarantee this attack will only make him more determined to speak his views. Tucker has a way of cutting through the noise and confusion of the political arena, bringing clarity and passion to many issues.

Now, Antifa has targeted his family. That’s only going to make him mad.

To cap it all off, a police investigation is underway against Antifa members who harassed Tucker’s family and trespassed on his property. As it turns out, they are calling it a hate crime.

A police report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveals police are investigating the matter as a “suspected hate crime.” One box labeled “hate bias/motivation” was filled in “anti-political.” [Source: Breitbart]

Hate crimes carry with them very serious penalties, such as long jail times. Those involved in this attack might be looking at some very bad years ahead. You’d think Antifa would reconsider its tactics and just back down. But I won’t count on it.

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