Mueller Preps “Damning” Report & Gets Hit With Unexpected Surprise — Heads Will Roll

For weeks, the liberal media has been salivating for the forthcoming results of Robert Mueller’s 2-year-old Russian probe. Democrats are hoping for something that will finally take down President Donald Trump. With each passing day, that seems less and less likely. But what is likely is that Mueller will be exposed for wasting tax dollars on a witch hunt. Now, the special counsel is facing troubles of his own — and heads are going to roll. […]


MSM Livid Over Trump’s New Ambassador, Reacted Differently To Obama’s Similar Pick

With U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley stepping down this year, President Donald Trump has to find her replacement. He has selected Heather Nauert. When the liberal media learned she was once a Fox News correspondent, they flipped their lids. But how did they react when Obama did the exact same thing with a CNN employee? This is going to make you a bit angry. […]


Kevin Hart Loses Oscar Gig After LGBTQ Exposes Skeletons From His Past

Just a day ago, fans were celebrating the news that comedian Kevin Hart would host the upcoming Oscars. Many were championing the opportunity for a black comedian to take the stage of one of the most prestigious events in Hollywood. But after only one day of drama and hysteria online, the Academy has fired Hart because of a secret from his past that resurfaced. […]

Social Issues

Liberal College Kids Invite Comedian to Speak, All Hell Breaks Loose After One Joke

A group of college students at Columbia arranged a night of comedy. They went to great lengths to book a Saturday Night Live writer and stand-up comedian to perform before the student body. But only minutes after taking the stage, the comedian was shocked by what happened. All hell broke loose after he told one joke that was deemed racist and homophobic. […]

Social Issues

Apple CEO Tim Cook Rejects Free Speech, Calls It ‘Sin’ Not to Ban Users

While excepting an “anti-hate” award, Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrated the latest trend to ban certain users from tech platforms. The leader of one of the largest tech companies in the world called for more censorship on major websites and services. He rejected the notion of free speech and equality, calling it a “sin” not to attack people you don’t agree with. […]