Armed Citizens Stand Guard, Give Minneapolis Rioters And Looters Rude Awakening

A group of self-described “heavily armed rednecks” descended on Minneapolis to defend the American citizens who were left to contend with rioters and looters. In fact, one of the armed men told a reporter he was there to “free Americans.” Well, as the armed men stood guard protecting businesses, they gave the degenerate criminals causing mayhem a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

Armed Americans defend Minneapolis (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

The armed “rednecks” expressed support for the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody, and they utterly condemned the violence and looting taking place. That’s what sparked the group to show up in the hotspot of the riot and help any vulnerable Americans who needed it.

“Basically you see the records that cops keep,” one man told Nesterak in a now-viral video posted to Twitter. “And cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there’s other armed Americans with them. So I figured it’s about damn time that some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.”

The men described hearing someone talk about people “defending their businesses” against looters, so they decided to “kit up and go see if these guys need help.”

“Bottom line, justice for Floyd and I hope they stop looting at some point. If there were more of us we could go stop them from looting, but it’s just us four,” said the man on the right.

“We definitely don’t agree with the looting, but we agree with the cause of the protests,” the other man said.

“It turns out these guys are out here with machetes and shattered windows trying to keep looters out of the businesses ’cause cops can’t get in here,” one man said. “So I figured before there were cops, there were just Americans, so here we are.”

“Yep, party on just like the L.A. riots,” the man said half-joking referring to Los Angeles business owners who ended up without police protection having to defend their storefronts with handguns and rifles. When a riot gets out of hand, it becomes too dangerous for street police officers to stay.

If the riot goes on and on, it’s law enforcement protocol to change to “riot gear” and overwhelm the site with mass numbers of officers. If it gets so out of hand, that protocol is abandoned and the national guard is called in as it was at Los Angeles in 1992.

Rioters across the city threw objects at police, burned buildings, and looted shops Wednesday night into Thursday in the aftermath of Floyd’s death.

Making matters worse, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has been caught fueling the rioters in her own district claiming “our anger is just.” In fact, women wearing hijabs were caught looting the Target store as Omar’s own daughter promoted a “list of supplies” the looters would need.

The Minnesota Congresswoman watched the rioters loot the Target store, and she refused to condemn them. Instead, she fueled the riot, which is now out of control and still going on, by making statements that can be interpreted as giving the rioters affirmation.

“Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted. And our priority right now must be protecting one another,” Omar tweeted. “Violence only begets violence. More force is only going to lead to more lives lost and more devastation. We must prioritize the safety of our community. We can rebuild, but we cannot bring back lives.”

When Omar says “we can rebuild,” we wonder if she will be footing the bill for all of the businesses who have been looted and burned to the ground. Why doesn’t she tell her constituents to stop rioting and looting?

“There are riots happening your home district and you’re inciting more violence. Can’t say I’m surprised!” tweeted Mike Cernovich.

Omar’s own teenage daughter was promoting the looting and mayhem.

The Congresswoman’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, who participated in protests in the past as a “climate activist,” is now sharing support for the riots currently going down in Minneapolis, where she lives.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Hirsi shared numerous tweets that could be read as calls to action against the police.

“Her own daughter tweeted a list of supplies needed for the looters,” tweeted “Robyn S.”

These rioters should be condemned. Those that can be identified should be arrested. We know only all too well what happens to business owners who wake up to find their livelihood has been destroyed.

As we have seen in past riots, mom and pop shops are destroyed and they never rebuild. But for Omar and her daughter, it’s just a political game, and they love playing it.

We bet the Congresswoman and her beloved daughter would not support the armed group of men who are out to save American citizens from the looters. Leftists care nothing about right or wrong, they only care about how something can advance their progressive agenda.

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