Democrat Sen Merkley: Republicans Opposing Mail-In Voting ‘to Stop People of Color from Voting’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of SiriusXM’s “Dean Obeidallah Show,” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) attacked Republicans and President Donald Trump, resorting to blatant lies as he accused his political opponents of racism.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Merkley said that mail-in ballots stop the GOP from its efforts to suppress the votes of people of color, younger people, and low-income Americans. He claims that is why he’s pushing for funding for nationwide mail-in voting for 2020.

Obeidallah asked, “Mail-in ballots — you use this in Oregon. You have people on the right saying, ‘Oh, it is wrought with fraud.’ Tell us how has it been in your state?”

Merkley replied, “It is incredible we have been doing it since the year 2000.”

He continued, “We have had essentially no scandals.”

Merkley said Republicans and President Trump are opposing mail-in voting in an attempt to stop “people of color from participating in the upcoming 2020 general election.

Merkley claimed, “It stops so many forms of voter suppression and voter intimidation. The Republicans are trying to stop poor people from voting, they’re trying to stop college students from voting, people of color from voting, Indian tribes from voting. So many different ways you can attempt to make it hard. Well, this says you know what, you can’t use all those tricks. You can’t understaff it. You can’t create a four-hour wait in line. You can’t move the polling place at the last second and get with away that. That’s why I’m really pushing for a guaranteed mail-in ballot, no excuses this November across the country.”

Apparently, Merkley believes people of color are too low IQ to find a polling station. The leftists really think people of color are worthless and dumb. Not my words, but theirs.

Next, the Democrats will complain that people of color can’t afford a stamp or find a post office box. They really need to stop putting people down.