Pelosi On Mail-In Ballot Push: ‘We’re Now calling It Voting at Home’ — Gets Hammered On Social Media

Nancy Pelosi used her position as Speaker of the House to push for more expanded mail-in voting by referring to it now as “voting at home.” Democrats are trying to rebrand their Cheat-by-Mail Scheme, but they didn’t count on Pelosi getting hammered on social media. Don’t miss this.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“We’re now calling it voting at home because that’s really what it’s all about—enabling people to vote at home,” Pelosi told MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. It’s a typical move by the Democratic Party. They simply change the wording if the agenda isn’t working for them. For instance: “treason” becomes “impeachment,” “abortion” becomes “healthcare,” and “sexual harassment” becomes “just Joe.”

Pelosi said the $3.6 billion in the House’s HEROES Act is “necessary to conduct an election” where all voters would receive absentee ballots.

However, not everyone is falling for the big lie. Social media users pointed out the obvious: If it’s safe to stand in line at the big box stores for groceries and other household goods, then it’s safe to stand in line to vote.

The House Speaker also reportedly said this week that $3.6 billion is just “a small price to pay for our democracy and the good health of people going to the polls” and argued that if Republicans “don’t support the resources, then they have stood in the way of voting, which is in keeping with their voter suppression in general.”

Mail-in voter fraud would be a leftist’s wet dream. If allowed to happen, it would be the end of free and fair elections for our country. It’s a terrifying thought.

Pelosi reportedly claimed that voting is “under assault both from a systematic national, nationwide campaign of voter suppression and from the coronavirus.” She added, “People should not have to choose between voting and preserving their good health and that of their families.”

Let me translate that for everyone. When Pelosi says “voter suppression,” she actually means refusing to allow fraudulent voting, ballot harvesting, and votes from illegal aliens.

The House Speaker has also said that more funds are needed for same-day registration services and to provide more and safer opportunities for voters to also “vote well in advance of Election Day.”

However, Facebook commenters weren’t too keen on the idea, and they let Pelosi know exactly how they felt about it.

Leo Toomey said: “Can’t win fairly, change the rules.”

Leigh Tate said: “Was not at all what our founder’s intended. Printing ballots on copiers is going to run rampant. The Dems are not wasting a crisis!!”

Sally Town said: “The democrats know how to pitch their dastardly deeds. And, the people fall for it. Absentee ballots have been around for some time now. No need to extend it to all of us who want to go to the polls. Hope Republicans stand strong.”

Poor Nancy. Not many people seem to like her ideas. If Walmart is deemed to be safe, then so should traditional voting.

Obviously, it would be more convenient to vote by mail or vote at home, but the ramifications of doing so outweigh the convenience. You would always be left wondering whether your vote was truly counted or if your vote was drowned out by fraudulent ballots.

I want to vote at my precinct, the way I always do. If we can go to the grocery store, then we will be perfectly fine standing 6ft away from each other and wearing a mask as we reelect President Donald Trump.