Behar: Trump & GOP Enablers Committed ‘Negligent Genocide’ — Ivanka Torches Her

Joy Behar was using her platform as a cohost of The View to accuse President Donald Trump and his “Republican enablers” of committing “negligent genocide.” Behar is re-writing history and forgetting it was the Democrats who claimed the president was “over-reacting” and was a “xenophobe” during the early days of the pandemic. That’s why Ivanka Trump stepped in and torched Behar. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar, Ivanka Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Joy Behar accused President Donald Trump and his Republican “enablers” of “negligent genocide” in light of Trump’s admissions to Bob Woodward about downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus even though he knew the virus was “deadly stuff.”

“I would like to talk about something because as criminally negligent as Trump is, I would like to indict the enablers for a moment if I may,” Behar said. “Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Senator Kennedy Senator of Louisiana, Senator Cramer of North Dakota, the silence of Republican leadership on Bounty-gate was deafening and on calling soldiers losers, but this is what I would call negligent genocide.”

Behar launched into her rant after co-host Whoopi Goldberg had quoted President Trump saying in North Carolina Tuesday night, “Under Operation Warp Speed, we’re producing a vaccine in record time. This is a vaccine that we’re gonna have very soon, very, very soon. By the end of the year but much sooner than that, perhaps.”

“Trump knew the virus was deadly, and he held rallies and encouraged people to go out and not wear masks,” Behar added. “He said, go out and enjoy yourselves. It’s going to be gone in a minute. What do the enablers say? I haven’t read the book. This is a gotcha book, or they say nothing.”

At the end of January, the Democrats were impeaching Trump, while the president took unprecedented actions to protect the American people from the China virus. Behar isn’t smart enough to realize she is regurgitating the latest lies coming from the Biden campaign.

Biden and his Democrat cohorts called Trump’s actions of travel bans and setting up a task force nothing but over-reacting and “fearmongering.” In fact, Biden did not go on the record to warn about the pandemic until April 2020.

“Damning tweet from @JoeBiden during a global pandemic. In MARCH, Joe was accusing President @realDonaldTrump of ‘FEAR-MONGERING.’ Plus, Joe opposed the China travel ban, which saved thousands of lives. In FEBRUARY, Joe accused @POTUS of ‘HYSTERIA’!” tweeted Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnnany.

Joy Behar also made it crystal clear she doesn’t really care about those suffering from Covid-19. 

On Wednesday, the red-headed blowhard of ABC’s The View mocked President Trump’s claim that a successful vaccine for COVID-19 may be offered soon, taunting Ivanka Trump by snapping, “By the way, I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.”

Behar is echoing the Democrats who know a vaccine before the election would squash all their accusations against the president. They’d rather see Americans suffer hoping that it leads to a Biden election.

On Thursday, Ivanka fired back on Twitter, torching the 77-year-old Trump-hater. 

“Deal @JoyVBehar. I would come on your show to do so. I trust the FDA and so should all Americans. Vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority,” Ivanka posted.

Fox News contributor Mark Levin excoriated the Democrats and their fake outrage over the China virus: 

“Watch: Fox News’ Mark Levin says coronavirus vaccine progress ‘scares the hell out of Democrats and the media,'” tweeted TV News HQ.

“They don’t want a vaccine. It’s the Democrats who don’t mind if people die,” Levin said. “It’s Donald Trump who is saving lives. And where is Biden’s plan for addressing the virus? I’ve looked. He has no plan. He has a 1000-page communist manifesto but nothing about the China virus.”

“Here’s the guy who was in charge of the 2009 Swine flu,” Levin adds. “How’d that go? Disaster, from beginning to end. Who says so? [Biden’s] own former chief of staff.”

Behar was also so upset over the polls which are tightening in all the battleground states. Her remedy? Get rid of the Electoral College.

“I’m really worried that Trump could pull this off!” Behar ranted. “We see the polls and we see Biden is leading … but the Russian interference is alive and kicking. Facebook is continuing to leave all the lies on the pages. The Postal Service is being interfered with.”

“The Electoral College is an issue and a problem,” she added. “In the history of the United States, there were four presidents who won without the popular vote because of the Electoral College.”

“I think it’s ridiculous that a few states, a handful of states, determine my future. It’s ridiculous, so why bother voting in the rest of the country? They need to change the Electoral College as soon as possible,” Joy claimed.

The Founding Fathers studied all forms of government and knew a direct democracy would not end well. Tha’s why they gave us a Republic. That’s why they instituted the Electoral College.

Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

However, the Democrats are now hellbent on eradicating our Republic in favor of a socialist regime. There are those useful idiots like Joy Behar who are being used by the radical leftwingers to spew their lies and their revisionist history.

Many honorable and good men have died to keep America free. That’s why we cannot give in to these haters of America. Never has an election been more about “good vs. evil” than the one taking place this November, and we cannot let evil win.

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