Country Singer Kicked Off Tour After Facebook Bans Him For Pro-Trump Photo Caption

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In the United States of America, you have a right to think and say what you want as long as that expression of beliefs conforms to the liberal-approved ideology. In the Age of Donald Trump, you are expected to resist the President or the hammer of intolerance will come down on you if you don’t. A country singer found that out the hard way when he was kicked off of both a national tour and Facebook for the unforgivable crime of supporting President Trump.

Benton Blount (Photo credit: Facebook)

The left hates the 1st Amendment as much as they despise the 2nd Amendment. What happened to Benton Blount, a country singer who achieved a certain level of notoriety by coming in second on America’s Got Talent, just proved it.

Blount lost the talent contest to a ventriloquist, which can’t be a major ego-boost, but the recognition he got on the show landed him the opening gig on ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons’ solo tour. It’s not as cool as opening for actual ZZ Top, but it also doesn’t suck. But, The Greenville News reports that 4 dates in, Blount was kicked from the tour.

Blount and his band showed up to the venue they were supposed to perform at on Thursday and were informed they were no longer welcome on the tour. Gibbons didn’t talk directly to Blount, opting instead to have his people take care of the dirty work.

Blount has a theory as to why he was kicked off, and it involves a Facebook post he made for last Tuesday’s midterm elections. He put up a picture of himself in a red “Make America Great Again” hat with a sticker reading, “I Voted.” He was also holding a Chick-fil-A sandwich and drink. Under the picture was the caption, “Someone reading this just got offended multiple times. My work here is done! #Vote.”

I was banned from Facebook (for 24 hours) and now I’ve just been banned from my opening spot on the Billy Gibbons tour. But suppression of Conservative opinion doesn’t happen and it doesn’t effect your career!

Posted by Benton Blount on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The left gets triggered by support for President Trump, but Chick-fil-A makes them go ballistic because they believe the Christian owners of the fast-food chain are homophobes. This indeed offended people, and Facebook quickly responded by suspending Blount’s account. Apparently this post “did not meet community standards,” which is how a lot of conservative points of view get silenced on social media.

It’s not just a theory that Blount was kicked off the Billy Gibbons tour because of this Facebook post; he was told straight up that was the reason. “Drove down here (Atlanta) from Greenville, South Carolina to the venue. I get a call from my friend from California who informs me that not only have I been banned from Facebook but as a result from being banned from Facebook I was pulled off of the Billy Gibbons tour, effectively immediately,” Blount said in a Facebook live video, according to Fox News.

Ultimately this is Blount’s fault for foolishly believing he had a 1st Amendment right to express his opinions. “I thought that it would be OK for me to post that I voted. I thought that it would be OK for me to say who I supported. I had a MAGA hat on. For that reason, and that reason alone … my career is on hold for the week,” Blount said.

When Barack Obama occupied the White House, it was not uncommon for people to lose their jobs for offering fair criticism of the President. Now that Donald Trump is in, people are getting fired for supporting the President. The more things change, the more they stay the same: Think liberal, speak liberal, be liberal, or pay the price.

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