Biden Repeatedly Forgets When He Was Inaugurated As VP, Hanks Reaction Priceless

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was unable to recall that he was first inaugurated as vice president in 2009. Biden’s repeated brain freeze was caught on camera during a virtual fundraiser with Actor Tom Hanks on Tuesday. Hanks’s reaction to poor Joe’s many fumbles is priceless. You don’t want to miss this.

Joe Biden, Tom Hanks (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Joe Biden’s campaign is trying to keep their nominee in his bunker basement as long as they can. One way the Biden brain trust thinks this can work is if they get some of their Hollywood buddies to join Joe in Zoom chats.

Of course, all Biden campaign surrogates are claiming Joe’s gaffes are normal. As journalist Brit Hume noted on Fox News on Wednesday: “Biden is obviously senile and may not be equipped to go the distance… that [Kamla Harris] might become president sooner rather than later.”

“Trump does not seem to be senile,” he added. Leftwing pundit Marie Harf went nuts claiming Hume wasn’t a doctor. Hume replied: “The word senile is not a medical diagnosis. It refers to people who are at a stage in life, exhibit signs of old age in terms of their memory and mental acuity. It’s not something you need to be a doctor to notice. Joe Biden has it.”

Which brings us to Biden’s latest gaffes. 

The fundraiser on Tuesday, which was hosted by Hanks during this week’s virtual Democratic National Convention, saw Biden attempting to explain to the Oscar-winner how 40 years after his work as a public defender he was inaugurated as vice president alongside President Barack Obama.

This was so painful to watch, even big Democrat supporter Tom Hanks got very uncomfortable. You can see Hanks trying to stay focused and follow along with Biden’s train of thought.

It was like watching a train wreck.

“I quit, I became a public defender. And I used to have to interview my clients down by the train station,” Biden said. “And 40 years later to the month, January of 2018, I found myself in a circumstance where, I mean 2012…I find myself standing in the same spot I was standing 40 years earlier,” Biden added.

“And I was waiting for a black man, Tom, to come and pick me up from Philadelphia,” the 77-year-old declared. “A guy named Barack Obama. On 17th January, to take me to Washington, a trip I’ve made a thousand of times commuting every day, to be sworn in as president and vice president.”

Tom Hanks looks extremely uncomfortable: 

But that’s not all. 

Biden appeared at the DNC convention Tuesday night right after his wife gave her virtual speech. In the 45 seconds he was on TV, the Democrat nominee lit up social media over his numerous gaffes.

Twitter was on fire with Americans claiming Biden said: “I’m Joe Biden’s husband.” Sean Hannity was one of the many famous Trump supporters who posted about this on social media:

Biden went on to say that Jill Biden was the “love of his life” and the “strongest person I know.”

She’s a backbone like a ramrod,” he added, as Jill forces a smile. 

“She loves fiercely, cares deeply. Nothing stops her when she sets her mind at getting something right,” Biden said, speaking as he dangled a mask between his fingers.

Joe Biden urged everyone to think about their favorite teacher who gave them confidence.

“That’s the kind of first lady, lady, lady, lady this Jill Biden will be,” he said.

“I’m Joe Biden’s Husband. Backbone Like A Ramrod. Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady. Wow, so much in that one clip,” tweeted “FoxFyreStudio.”

It was so bad, that even the Democrat-friendly “Good Morning America” was forced to ask Jill Biden about her husband’s cognitive malfunctions. 

“I see Joe every single day. He’s writing speeches. He’s being briefed, making phone calls, he’s doing the zoom constantly, he’s doing fundraisers,” Jill claimed Wednesday morning. “We go from nine in the morning till, gosh, 10, 11 at night. I don’t see any of that.”

“I mean, Joe is totally engaged and you know Joe, I mean he just, he loves it. He’s the, I guess, consummate politician,” she added.

Well, she right about one thing. Joe has spent 47 years being a swamp creature in Washington, D.C. Yep, he is the “consummate politician.”

When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in his 4th term, he took ill. Many historians say during much of those final months in early 1945, his wife Eleanor Roosevelt took over his duties as not to alert the public that the president was not functioning.

In fact, this is why presidents can only serve two terms in the United States. In 1947, Congress passed the 22nd Amendment based on the Roosevelt issue. However, what we have in Joe Biden is unprecedented. We have a candidate who is going senile — at best — or has some other cognitive disease like Alzheimer’s.

If we did not have a media who has no problem covering for all the Democrat’s sins, there would be no way Biden would have ever become their nominee. That’s why all Americans, who love this country, must be as frank as possible. Joe Biden is going senile, and no one with a conscience can vote for him.

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