Biden To Name Oprah’s Buddy Stacey Abrams As Running Mate, Instantly Regrets It

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Joe Biden is the frontrunner leading the polls of Democratic candidates for president. And multiple world leaders, who identify as “globalists,” are backing Biden as their only hope to defeat President Donald Trump. Now, Biden and his team of advisers just announced Joe is considering Oprah Winfrey’s good buddy Stacey Abrams as his running mate. Well, poor Uncle Joe instantly regretted it. You’ll love this.

Stacey Abrams, President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It may surprise some, but Joe Biden is the frontrunner to win the Democratic primary to become the nominee for president. Biden’s leading with 27% with Bernie Sanders in second with 25%. All other Democratic candidates are in single digits.

And we all know the Democratic brain trust running the Biden team are all about identity politics, so now they are looking to make Uncle Joe not seem “so white and so male.” That’s why they let it leak that they are considering Stacey Abrams as his running mate.

Democratic Candidates for president 2020 (Photo Credit: Conservative Treehouse/Screenshot)

According to Axios, Biden aides believe adding Abrams to the ticket would send a strong signal to voters that he’s not “just another old white guy.” The outlet said Team Biden isn’t going all-in on picking the rising progressive star just yet, worrying that the move could be received as a “gimmick” and open the former Vice President up to a new line of attacks.

Yet they let the story leak all over the internet. “The report comes after the two high-profile Democrats met last week in Washington, D.C.,” Breitbart reports. “Abrams’ failed bid for the governor of Georgia against Republican Brian Kemp garnered her national attention. Despite losing to Kemp 50.2 percent to 48.8 percent, Abrams still refuses to concede the race, accusing her opponent of suppressing black voters to win what was one of the 2018 midterm elections’ most-watched races.”

Stacey Abrams may be popular in hardcore leftist circles, but the rest of America see her as a big baby and sore loser. But, Abrams will ensure Biden gets major star power like Oprah Winfrey, who personally campaigned for the failed candidate in Georgia.

One big issue is Abrams’ resume, which is so lacking the 45-year-old Trump hater wouldn’t qualify as a White House staffer. “Abrams’ resume includes a few years as a tax attorney, another as deputy city attorney for Atlanta, a decade in the Georgia General Assembly, and an anonymous career as a romance writer,” the Washington Examiner reports. “That’s it. That’s her entire career.”

She hasn’t spent a single day in national politics and couldn’t even win her own gubernatorial election. Not that she’ll concede she lost fair and square, of course. She still maintains that, despite Republican Brian Kemp beating her by 1.4 percent of the vote, the election was stolen from her.

Even the Never-Trumper crowd is warning Biden that Abrams is a bridge too far. It sure will make the rabid leftist happy, but Biden needs to court the rust-belt Trump voters. Stacey Abrams isn’t the person who middle-class folks in Ohio can relate to.

“This would be an unbelievably stupid move. Picking her would eliminate his only advantage: Appeal with moderates. He’s been around a long time. I doubt he’d be this stupid. Having her a breath away from the Oval Office would be a frightening thought for most Americans,” said Twitter user “Sharby.”

“Smells like desperation. So in other words, she can’t win w/o him? Well I have news 4 u guys, as long as #Trump is on the ticket no dem or repub can win,” posted Twitter user “Ms. Mimi.”

“Please, Biden, please pick Abrams. That will motivate a huge number of Democrats to vote for President Trump…..or stay home,” tweeted George Ousley. Yep, George is right. The moderate Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016, will for sure vote for him again with the radical Abrams on the ticket.

Uncle Joe is getting a lot of his advice from former Obama advisers. And now that the global financial, trade and economic system was challenged and is being reset within Trump’s “America First” national economic policy, the Obama globalists have secured support from world leaders for Biden, who just want Trump gone at any cost.

But they have one big problem: 70% of all Americans say the economy is good, according to a CNN poll. Biden could name George Washington as his running mate, and it wouldn’t make a difference. Deep down, many Democrats know this is Trump’s race to lose. The president has in two years made America great again, and Joe Biden reminds Americans of the failed Obama years which no one wants to relive.

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