Famous Attorney: Biden Retract White Supremacist Smear Or I’ll Rip Joe To Shreds

One prominent and well-known attorney has issued an ultimatum to Joe Biden and his campaign. Biden’s campaign is desperate to shame President Donald Trump for allegedly not doing enough to curb rampant “white supremacist” violence, but they went way too far. Now, poor Joe faces being ripped to shreds. Don’t miss this.

Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The Biden campaign followed Tuesday night’s debate with another “white supremacist” smear attack on Donald Trump on social media which featured teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two agitators in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Enter Lin Wood, who is the famous attorney that successfully represented Covington High Schooler Nick Sandmann in suing CNN and the Washington Post.

Wood’s newest client is Kyle Rittenhouse, and the lawyer is making it clear he is done with Biden’s white supremacist smear campaign that is based on a mainstream media lie. You see, the Biden campaign made the fatal error of using Rittenhouse in their new attack ad to smear Trump as a white supremacist.

“There’s no other way to put it: the President of the United States refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night,” Biden tweeted after the debate along with this disgraceful video featuring Kyle Rittenhouse:

Wednesday morning, Lin Wood threatened Biden, making it clear it’s time for his campaign to come clean. 

“Wood demanded a public retraction from the Biden/Harris Campaign on behalf of Rittenhouse, as no evidence has emerged to suggest that Rittenhouse or any member of his family are linked to white supremacists, or any other far-right extremist groups,” American Greatness reports. 

“Formal demand for public retraction is being prepared for Biden/Harris Campaign on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse. I also hereby demand that @JoeBiden immediately retract his false accusation that Kyle is a white supremacist & militia member responsible for violence in Kenosha,” Wood posted.

However, Lin Wood was just getting started. 

“On behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse, I shall sue @JoeBiden & Biden/Harris Campaign for libel. I am partisan in 20/20 supporting @realDonaldTrump. I am a non-partisan trial lawyer who aggressively pursues truth to achieve justice. Put in your hearing aid, Joe. You will hear footsteps,” Wood tweeted.

The prominent attorney is also looking forward to cross-examining the former Veep. 

“When I take @JoeBiden deposition on cross-examination, no wire or computer contact lenses will save him. I will rip Joe into shreds. Ask witnesses who have had the misfortune of sitting across the table from me under oath. You don’t mess with my children, my pup, or my clients,” Wood said.

The famous attorney also made it clear Chris Wallace was lucky he did not mention Rittenhouse at the debate or the Fox News moderator would have been included in the lawsuit.

“This is defamation,” noted reporter Jack Posobiec, to which Wood responded: “Yes it is. The only thing that saves Chris Wallace is that he did not use Kyle’s name or likeness. @JoeBiden & his campaign recklessly did. Meets the ‘of and concerning’ requirement of libel law. Joe is going to be sued. Successfully.”

Mr. Wood is definitely on the warpath.

He also warned Facebook and Twitter they may be included in his suit against the Biden campaign.

As we previously reported, Chris Wallace claimed at the debate that Biden started his campaign over Trump declaring neo-Nazis “very fine people” at the Charlottesville riots. Instead of correcting this as a lie perpetrated by the mainstream media, Wallace acted as if there was no question that Trump had praised neo-Nazis.

This is exactly what the Biden campaign was banking on. It’s almost as if Wallace was acting as a Biden campaign surrogate when he perfectly setup this white supremacist smear at the debate.

Immediately following the debate, the Biden campaign posted the new attack ad against Trump featuring Kyle Rittenhouse.

This entire “white supremacist” hoax has been perpetrated on the American people thanks to weak-willed Democrat allies in the media like Chris Wallace. Even the leftwing PolitiFact conceded this was not true, and the full context of Trump’s remarks proved this.

Which means Lin Wood is on solid ground. Not only can he prove Kyle Rittenhouse is no “white supremacist,” but he will also prove neither is President Trump. It will be interesting to see if Joe Biden’s handlers print a retraction which would be a total disaster to their campaign as their biggest talking point is that Trump is a neo-Nazi supporter.

We bet the Biden campaign is in meltdown mode. Either they print a retraction or Lin Wood will destroy Joe Biden in a very big way. Wood can prove Biden’s campaign was launched over one of the biggest lies the mainstream media ever told about President Donald Trump.

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