BLM Storms Target: ‘We Will Shut Your Business Down’ — They Get Rude Awakening

Black Lives Matter is pushing a new plan to hurt Americans “who still support the police” living near Target stores. They started in Washington, D.C., and with a bullhorn disrupted shopping by screaming: “All black people, living around this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people…until you stop calling the police, we will continue to shut your business down.” Well, that’s when BLM got a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

BLM protesters at Target store in Washington D.C. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Drew Hernandez/Screenshot)

A disturbing incident occurred on Friday, June 26,  when a group of alleged Black Lives Matter activists barreled into a Washington D.C. Target store. The protesters, speaking from a script and using a bullhorn, demanded Target desist in calling the police for any incident related to black people and threatened to shut them down if they refuse.

The activist announced to customers in the store: “All black people, living around this neighborhood, living around in this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people, so until you stop calling the police, we continue to shut your business down.”

Their group leader then began to repeat his words in a chant.

The incident was captured on video by local journalist Drew Hernandez, who tweeted about the incident.

“Black Lives Matter literally threatened @Target today in DC,” Hernandez tweeted. “Apparently if that @Target in DC ever calls the cops on a black person ever again BLM will shut them down. Sounds a lot like what Hawk Newsome said on Fox News the other night about ‘burning down the system.’ Radicals.”

Hernandez added, “I really would like to know why DC Police allowed BLM to trespass into a DC Target to make threats tonight with customers still inside.”


The BLM protesters also chanted, “Free the people. Fight the power. F*ck the police.”

Besides Hawk Newsome giving insight into BLM’s real aims, Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, is touting she is a “trained Marxist.”

Cullors was the protégé of a communist-supporting domestic terrorist for over a decade, spending years training in political organizing and absorbing the radical Marxist ideology which shaped her worldview.

Eric Mann, who mentored Cullors for over a decade in community organizing, was a member of radical-left militant groups: Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mann was buddies with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who were founders of the terrorist group the “Weather Underground.”

You may recall, Barack Obama was also a friend of Bill Ayers and launched his presidential campaign in Ayers’ living room.

“The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” Cullors said in an interview from 2015. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”

BLM isn’t about making black lives better. They are a Marxist organization whose goals are overthrowing the government.

That’s why Americans blasted these BLM protesters on social media. 

“See @Target? It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at these organizations; it will NEVER be enough and they will NEVER be your friends. Concentrate on the average everyday people of all persuasions who shop you for YOU,” tweeted “Rootin Tootin Cop Salutin.”

“People have to wake up and stop these Marxists before it’s too late,” tweeted “Anti-NWO Alliance.”

“Enough of allowing these adult children to run amuck. Leftist Mayor, Governors, Congress are now exposed as the overwhelming majority of Americans now see that they aren’t for health and safety of their communities. 2020 is going to be an epic blowout win for GOP,” tweeted “Let Freedom Ring.”

“When is BLM going to be declared a terrorist organization? There’s nothing peaceful about them and all they want to do is loot, riot, destroy and KILL people!!” tweeted “Dennis S.”

“What a bunch of NPCs. The first company that calls in the police and/or presses charges for trespassing gets my business. And yeah, I just left T-Mobile for trying to silence Tucker Carlson,” tweeted “JC.”

“True AMERICANS we need to band together as long as we let them get away with it they will not stop. They expect us to run and hide . Enough is enough. FLY YOUR FLAGS AMERICANS,” tweeted “SVed2011.”

The BLM male with the bullhorn conducted a similar political performance on Thursday evening, where he led a similar event at a restaurant in the nation’s capital. Thursday’s script read:

We are here tonight while you are dining because black people are dying at the hands of the police. So, while you are dining, we are sorry for your inconvenience, but black people are dying today. While you are dining, we’re going to read you some facts about the murder of black people. We are here tonight because black lives matter. We are here tonight because black trans lives matter.

Note his last statement: “black trans lives matter.” Since when are Black Lives Matter engaged in supporting LGBTQ issues? It just goes to show you BLM does not care about black lives in general.

This is a hardcore far-leftist Marxist movement, and if the majority of Americans knew that, it would be the end of BLM. Well, it’s time all patriots started sharing this information. Only then can we quell these Marxists from disrupting our society. Stand strong for the police in your communities. Let them know the vast majority of Americans aren’t on board with this radical movement.

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