Cher: Trump Only Thinks About Being Dictator — Americans Give Her Reality Check

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Cher is in hot water after claiming, “Trump only thinks about two things: becoming richer and being a dictator.” The 73-year-old liberal celebrity was in for a shock as Americans gave her a huge reality check about her anti-Trump remarks. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Cher (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Gett Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Cher is one senior citizen who is addicted to Twitter, and she especially loves emojis. The Trump-hating actress and singer found herself in the hot seat over one recent tweet which was slightly incoherent and filled with a ton of emojis.

“Election Is [motherf*cking] Fight. [People] EXPECT trump To Lie, Make [sh*t] Up On The Spot, Forget 5 Sec Later, Be Cruel, Be Dumb, Not Care, Say Things He Doesn’t Understand,& pull out of his ass for no reason,” she wrote. “ONLY 2 THINGS IN TRUMPS [MIND]. ‘WHAT MAKES TRUMP RICHER,& DICTATOR’. HES THUG WITH Ph.D. IN SHOWBIZ.”

Over the past week, the 73-year-old singer has shared and retweeted a range of anti-Trump content, one of which described him as a “baby killer” and declared that there is “no difference between Trump’s concentration camps and the concentration camps of Hitler and the Nazis.”

At one point, Cher accused Trump of being happy to “torture” asylum seekers while forcing them to lie on “concrete, urine, and feces” and leaving them vulnerable to sexual abuse.

The Grammy-winner is well known for her bizarre Twitter rants against Trump and other prominent Republicans. Last month, she fantasized about Trump being “locked in a hot cage with dirty water,” while falsely claiming he planned to put LGBT people in “internment camps” if he won re-election.

Last year, she described the current president as a “cancer ravaging our nation,” but later admitted she had gone “too far” in her use of language. And now she is facing major backlash once again as Americans gave her a huge reality check. 

“BS. He had so much money he didn’t need to be president. He became President to Drain the swamp. The swamp includes all the Hollywood elite involved trafficking,” tweeted “The Pillar Collective.”

“Funny he’s the only Pres who’s lost money! Takes no salary. Neither do his kids who work for gov. On vacations stays at his own hotels. Doesn’t have his in-laws staying and traveling on taxpayers dime..,” tweeted “Luana H.”

Lie? Uh @POTUS @realDonaldTrump is the only president & politician in general to fulfill his promises & then some. Why do you think people are freaking out NOW? There wasn’t this much hysteria before cuz people thought he’d be like every other politician & not do a thing! #MAGA,” tweeted “Push Past Paralysis.”

Back in June Cher lamented the Democratic National Committee’s purported inability to properly engage voters, particularly hitting what she considers to be its failure to utilize social media in ways that will benefit the party.


The Oscar-winning actress also seemed to take aim at some of the Democrat candidates, demanding the DNC and voters put “real” money and people under 100 years old in charge.

Cher senses the Democrats have an uphill battle to beat Trump in 2020. However, the 73-year-old leftist appears to engage in ridiculous conspiracy theories that negate anything valuable she may have to say to her cohorts along with the 3.7 million followers she has on Twitter.

Cher got a real wake up call when she tweeted about the huge homeless problem in Los Angeles. She tweeted in April that if Los Angeles could not take care of its homeless, California could not take care of more migrants.

Cher said she failed to understand how the city of Los Angeles in the sanctuary state of California could afford to admit and take care of any more immigrants when city officials have failed to care for homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans.

Immediately, far-leftists honed in on her Twitter feed excoriating Cher for actually making sense about the migrant problem. “Sorry, this is an ignorant statement,” tweeted Rabbi Jill Zimmerman to Cher. “If that was our rationale, we might as well take down the statue of liberty. We have enough resources & compassion to do both. Pitting Vets & homeless ppl Vs immigrants fleeing from danger is not a good look Cher.”

Sadly, Cher kowtowed to the leftists and stopped making sense. She went back to spewing these incoherent Trump-bashing tweets to appease the Hollywood crowd. Too bad. Cher is once again on the wrong side of history, and she only has herself to blame.

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