AZ Hearing: Anonymous Tech Provider Alleges 35K Votes Appeared Out Of Thin Air

On Monday, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, who represents the Trump campaign, were invited to give evidence of alleged voter fraud and irregularities in Arizona. One of the more disturbing allegations came from an anonymous Pima County tech provider who claimed 35,000 votes appeared out of thin air on Election Night. Don’t miss this.

Retired Col. Phil Waldron (left), Rudy Giuliani (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Arizona was one of the states that stopped counting the votes on Election Night. The count stands at Joe Biden 1,672,143 and President Donald Trump 1,661,686.

Biden reportedly won that state by approximately 11,000 votes.

Allegations of election fraud are widespread in a few of the voting locations like in Pima County, which has been a Democrat stronghold. Additionally, Democrat operatives who showed up on Election Day in Pima County allegedly told a GOP poll watcher who identified herself as “Anna” that they were there to make sure Arizona goes “blue for Biden.”

Anna testified at the Arizona hearing on Monday saying she was a “registered voter in Pima County who volunteered as a poll watcher.”

Anna claimed these Democrats said they were bussed in from California and had “out of state drivers license.”

Anna said they all had utility bills from an Arizona address so they could vote. According to Anna, when she asked what they were doing voting at the Pima County location, they allegedly said the Democrat Party sent them there not realizing she was a GOP poll watcher.

Before the election, Democrats were concerned. If Pima County did not have huge numbers for Biden, then Trump would likely win the state’s 11 electoral votes.

By far the biggest bombshell was dropped by an anonymous tech provider.

This tech provider is hesitant to come forward and gave his evidence anonymously. Retired Colonel Phil Waldron, who is an expert in “information warfare” read the email at the hearing and gave additional commentary.

“This tech provider wanted to stay anonymous, but he had enough concern to send this email to the criminal division at the Justice Department,” said retired Colonel Phil Waldron. “The information he recorded is what we like to have the opportunity to investigate on your behalf, or a forensic team of your choosing.”

“It says ‘please be advised Pima County Recorder located at 240 North Stone Avenue, Tuscon Arizona in Pima County and the Democrat Party added fraud votes in the initial count in the vote by mail totals released at 8 pm on November 3rd, 2020,” Waldron stated.

“This coincides with what we observed in the data analytics in that spike,” Waldron adds. “We weren’t aware of this— of this email— until after the fact. There were approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democratic candidate in its vote totals.”

“Candidates impacted include county, state, and federal election candidates,” Waldron declares. “Through the utilization of the automatic ballot count machines in Pima County elections which were not Dominion but they had pretty much the same functionality.”

“My understanding is that 35,000 were embedded into each Democrat vote total,” Waldron explains. “Below are the meeting notes.”

Waldron then reads the meeting notes from this tech provider.

“A meeting I was invited to by the Democrat Party Pima County Arizona on September 10th, 2020, no phones or recording devices were allowed,” Waldron said. “The presentation was given including detailed plans to embed 35,000 in a spread configured distribution to each Democrat candidate’s vote totals.”

“When I asked how in the world could 35,000 votes be kept hidden or kept from being discovered, it was stated that spread distribution will be embedded across the total registered voter range and will not exceed the registered vote count,” Waldron adds. “And the 35,000 was determined allowable in Pima County based on our Pima County registered vote count.”

“It was also stated that total voter turn out versus total registered voters can determine how many votes we can embed. This embedding will auto-adjust on voter turn out because the embedded votes are spread out sporadically. All embedded votes will not be found,” Waldron declared.

The retired colonel went on to read the tech provider’s testimony where he explains how this is virtually impossible to find unless you do a forensic audit of the voting machines and forensic data analysis.

If Colonel Waldron is alerting the Arizona legislature to this anonymous report, then the accusations must be pretty damn convincing to him.

He is not a politician. He is a guy who spent his career in information warfare and psyops.

“The last part of my military career I spent in information warfare as a psychological operations officer,” Waldron said at the Pennsylvania hearing last week. “Electronic warfare, I conducted special electronic warfare, deception, counter-deception, and a few other specialties.”

He is not inclined to stake his reputation on a report that has no basis in reality. It’s worth a forensic audit knowing Trump is only short 11,000 votes in Arizona. These investigations must be done, and the truth must be exposed or Americans will never have confidence in any election.

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