CNN’s Lemon: ‘The Way to Fix Mount Rushmore Is Add Obama’ — Gets Epic Smackdown

CNN’s Don Lemon delivered a message to all Americans on Tuesday night. Claiming his “slave ancestors” built this country for “free,” Lemon lamented they aren’t memorialized on statues. He added: “If they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of the country, the first black president should be front and center.” Well, that’s when he got an epic smackdown he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama depicted on Mt. Rushmore, Don Lemon (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Tuesday on CNN, host Don Lemon said President Barack Obama should be added to the Mount Rushmore sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Lemon was joined by Chris Cuomo who loves the idea of adding Barack Obama to Mount Rushmore. Lemon started the discussion by being upset about the married couple from Martinez, California who decided to fight back against Black Lives Matter. The Trump supporters painted over the words “Black Lives Matter” that had been painted on the street in huge yellow letters outside the courthouse.

The leftwing District Attorney arrested the couple and charged them with a “hate crime.” 

While discussing the California couple, who is being held without bail, Lemon said: “[The rightwing news] kicks in with Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is this what you want from Joe Biden? And they are taking your country away and they are going to take down statues. Crime is rising. It’s so bad. Oh my, defund police. And the people who you saw there for the most part —not specifically, as a whole, fall for it. They fall for it. That’s why they do things like that.”

Lemon is mocking conservatives who support President Trump. But he was just getting warmed up. 

“They want to paint over signs and think it’s our country,” Lemon added. “This is the country that we built. Even though a rich diversity of people helped build the country, and many of us, meaning ancestors, for free — did not get paid for it, could not get an education, could not build wealth, are not on statues, Confederate or otherwise, are not on Mount Rushmore.”

“I think, listen … if they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of the country, the first black president should be front and center,” the Trump-hating CNN host declared.

Americans weren’t on board with Lemon’s proposal and blasted him on social media.

“⁦@donlemon you’re an idiot! Obama the most corrupt president this country has ever seen! Brainless simpleton!” tweeted “Southwest Special Operations Group.”

“@donlemon CNN’S LEMON: THE WAY TO FIX MOUNT RUSHMORE IS ADD OBAMA Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Damn, you are FUNNY!” tweeted Frank Brady.

“Personally Don, I think that would look funny. Not because Obozo is half white & half black. But because Obozo will be convicted of treason. None of the others on Mount Rushmore were hung. Then someone would throw a huge noose around his head,” tweeted “Dexter the Deplorable.”

“Add Barack? For what, for being corrupt and hating America? #CNN @donlemon,” tweeted Linda Lewis.

“CNN’s Lemon: The Way to Fix Mount Rushmore Is Add Obama. Obama didn’t do SH*T to help black minorities. How in the Hell Obama Face is deserve in Mount Rushmore,” tweeted Twitter user “Marion.”

“What the F&$K????? Lemon makes me sick!!! Hell will freeze over before this happens!” tweeted “Billy Jo.”

Lemon went so far as to suggest Mount Rushmore’s name must be changed. 

“The name shouldn’t be Mount Rushmore if you talk to Native Americans,” Lemon said. “It is stolen land. It was only Mount Rushmore 40 years before they started to carve presidents’ faces in it. No one got any money for that.”

Cuomo said, “You’re totally right. The premise is where we have to work toward, which is if we all decide. It’s about consensus and collective consciousness.”

Americans are sick and tired of these leftwing radicals eradicating our American history. When you see middle-aged Trump supporters so riled up that they take it upon themselves to paint over the BLM street graffiti, you know the silent majority is about to blow a gasket.

Behind that married couple in Martinez, California is thousands of patriots at home who are about to push back hard against this BLM Marxist movement.

Victor Davis Hanson, a noted historian and expert on cultural revolutions, predicts: “If sowing the wind has been getting ugly, reaping the whirlwind will be more so.” He says the American people are done watching the country’s history destroyed.  When the backlash comes, as it must when mobs destroy statues at night, the leftwing losers won’t know what hit them.

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