Debra Messing Praises Sign Calling Black Trump Voters Mentally Ill, Regrets It

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Debra Messing, who is one of the Hollywood crowd’s most vocal haters of President Donald Trump, made the big mistake of showing support for a church sign which says that “a black vote for Trump is mental illness.” The Hollywood blowhard was immediately shamed into regretting her support for such a display of hatred and bigotry. You’ll love this.

Debra Messing and New Era Baptist Church sign (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, New Era Baptist Church)

Aging sitcom actress Debra Messing deleted a racist tweet promoting the idea that black Trump voters are “mentally ill.”

Over the weekend, the Will and Grace star responded with a big “THANK YOU” to a sign at New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. It reads, “A black vote for Trump is mental illness.” The other side of the sign reads, “A white vote for Trump is pure racism,” Breitbart reports.

This racist tweet came just a few hours after Messing and her Will and Grace co-star, Eric McCormack, openly called for a blacklist of Trump supporters who work in Hollywood.

“Please print a list of all attendees please. The public has a right to know,” Messing wrote to her 577k Twitter followers in response to a Hollywood Reporter story detailing the Trump fundraiser, set for September 17.

After more than a decade of the establishment entertainment media ignoring and dismissing Hollywood’s blacklisting of conservatives, this was newsworthy. It was the first time the blacklist was openly publicized.

The 51-year-old, whose basement-rated sitcom was just canceled, was totally made to regret supporting the unacceptable church sign and undoubtedly deleted the tweet after the blowback exposed her naked racism.

An Army combat veteran, Jeffrey Dover, who is also running for Congress in Virginia, was one of those who publicly shamed Messing causing her to delete her support for the infamous church sign.

A white celebrity on the left @DebraMessing is basically telling black people how to think. Seems like a form of intellectual slavery to me. Liberal policies have hurt black communities around the country and these same people are silent,” Dover tweeted.

Unfortunately, Messing’s racist beliefs are the historical norm in the Democrat Party she calls home.

Anyone with the intellectual courage to look back at the appalling history of the Democrat Party will discover that this is a party that has spent the last 400 years oppressing black Americans for financial and political purposes.

Democrats fought against emancipation during the Civil War and summoned Jim Crow and segregation in the South. By any objective standard, what you have is a party that has literally spent centuries brutalizing black Americans who threaten their political power, and Messing fits right into this dynamic.

All Debra Messing is doing is what Democrats have been doing since the beginning, only now the plantation is an intellectual one, only now the tactics used against intellectual runaways are dehumanizing language and online bullying.

Americans joined in by shaming Messing and exposing her bullying tactics to the world. 

“Nothing like rich Hollywood elites showing off their smug liberal privilege, right? Glad she got slammed for this,” tweeted Wayne Dupree, the African-American conservative radio host.

Thank you @DebraMessing for exemplifying the racism of the left,” tweeted conservative Jewish filmmaker Ami Horowitz.

“If her open bigotry demanding a list of Hollywood Republicans yesterday wasn’t bad enough, now Debra Messing is endorsing the racist position that all black Trump voters are mentally ill and all-white Trump voters are racist. Vile,” tweeted Robby Starbuck, conservative producer, and director.

The Hollywood Blacklist came into being in 1947 when the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) began to summon certain Hollywood entertainment professionals on the suspicion that their work was communist-inspired.

Following World War II, Americans entered the Cold War with Soviet Russia. Americans were faced with nuclear annihilation by the Soviet Union and this caused the big “Red Scare.” Communists were infamous for infiltrating American society, and the Hollywood elite was incensed when ten of their comrades were sentenced to prison time by the Senator Joe Mccarthy-led HUAC.

Now, Debra Messing and her leftwing comrades are calling for the exact thing against conservatives who have committed no crime. Messing and her ilk find supporting the duly elected President of the United States a crime worthy of a blacklist. Messing also shows us her underlying racism is driven solely by her enormous hatred of President Trump.

The Founding Fathers knew straight democracy fails over time. That’s why they made America a Republic, which protects the individual’s rights from the mob majority. This is also why it’s dangerous the Democrats are advocating for abolishing the Electoral College. This would make the “majority rule” which means California and New York decide who is president.

It’s important to note a Republic fails when the majority of its citizens are corruptible. We see this with the left today, especially their call for “activism.” The Judiciary has been infiltrated by activist judges. They do not follow the Constitution, therefore their judgments have led us away from being a Republic, little by little.

This is why it is so important to expose every ridiculous claim made by the corrupt Hollywood elites, so more and more patriotic Americans will rise up and demand a return to our Constitutional principles. Each of us can reach many people thanks to the internet. We all have a solemn duty to spread the sunlight into the darkness.

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