Democrats Get Paid To Impeach Trump, POTUS Gets No Pay & Makes America Great

This Christmas season we look back on the accomplishments of 2019. As far as our government goes, we have the Democrats who we pay to “do nothing” for us, but they managed to impeach our vote, by impeaching the president we duly elected. Then, we have President Donald Trump, who takes no payment from us but has accomplished so much more than we know in making America great. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The big secret the Democrats don’t want Americans to know are all the accomplishments of President Trump. While we pay the Democrats to do nothing, we pay Trump nothing to do everything. Here is a partial list of the 45th president’s accomplishments:

  • Tax cuts and regulatory reform
  • USMCA trade agreement negotiated and passed
  •  Mexico halting illegal migration flows; new central American amnesty agreements
  • Border wall under construction
  • Lower energy costs; lower and stabilized fuel costs
  • highest blue-collar wage gains in decades; the largest resurgence of manufacturing jobs in 50 years
  • Korea-US trade agreement (KORUS); U.S-Japan trade agreement; U.S-China trade agreement (phase-1)
  • Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific multinationals (TPP); dissolution of Paris climate treaty
  • Approval for ANWR energy development; five new gasoline refineries
  • U.S. energy independence; U.S. worlds largest producer of energy; LNG energy exports; elimination of excessive federal regulations
  • SNAP reforms; 3.5% unemployment; largest employed U.S. workforce in history; 150,000 employer registrations to U.S. trade-skills apprenticeship
  • Seven new industrial steel manufacturing plants; low and stable 1.5% inflation; highest GDP growth amid industrial nations; highest consumer confidence in decades
  •  Highest small business confidence in decades; 7.3 million jobs available (JOLTS); one-year net employment gain 2.4 million workers
  • Two supreme court justices; 1 in 4 of every federal judge was appointed by Trump
  • No new wars; NATO countries stepping up defense financing; troops coming home; pay raises for military
  • VA Choice created; right-to-try legislation passed
  • U.S. embassy in Jerusalem; North Korean hostages released
  •  ISIS destroyed, caliphate dismantled; al-Bagdadi dead

Bottom line: The economy is humming, Trump’s accomplishments are accumulating and impeachment is backfiringand that makes these the best weeks of Trump’s presidency so far,” tweeted GOP.

In contrast, the Democrats solely focused on doing nothing for Americans. 

Their main goal was to impeach the president who has accomplished so much for the American people. The Democrats got more bad news this last week of 2019. President Donald Trump’s approval rating has soared past that of ex-President Barack Obama’s at the same point in his administration, defying negative stereotypes driven by opponents as he became only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached.

Trump’s job approval rating 151 weeks into his presidency sits at 45 percent, as revealed by a Gallup poll last Wednesday. That puts Trump three points higher than the 42 percent approval rating Gallup found for Obama at the same point of his presidency.

Gallup’s poll recorded a similar job disapproval rating for both presidents 151 weeks into their administrations. Some 51 percent of voters said they disapprove of Trump’s performance in a Gallup poll conducted Dec. 2-15, compared with 50 percent of voters saying they disapproved of Obama’s performance in a Dec. 12-18, 2011 Gallup poll.

“Trump’s approval rating has climbed six percentage points since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened an impeachment inquiry against him in September. House Democrats subsequently voted to impeach President Donald Trump last Wednesday after the House passed article one of H.R. 755, which charges Trump with abusing the office of the presidency,” Breitbart reported. 

Now that the House has passed articles of impeachment, the question is will Nancy Pelosi send those articles to the GOP-held Senate?

Either way, it works for President Trump. Conservative analyst Charles Hurts weighed in.

“First and foremost, President Trump did not get impeached Wednesday night. And he still hasn’t at the moment of this writing, more than 12 hours after House Democrats approved two articles of impeachment in the most nakedly partisan impeachment vote in over a century and a half. The giant, block-lettered, wartime headlines in the New York Times giddily declaring ‘TRUMP IMPEACHED’ is completely false. Fake News, you might say,” Hurts writes via Breitbart.

Might Speaker Pelosi simply keep the impeachment articles burning hot inside her purse into next year’s elections? Democrats have proven they will impeach the president, she could argue, but voters must give her a Democratic Senate to convict him.

Just days ago, Democrats in Congress were demanding that they rush through impeachment charges because President Trump is such a dire and immediate threat to the Republic that they could not allow him to remain one minute more. Then Pelosi suddenly decides not to submit the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate. She says she wants to first be guaranteed a “fair” trial in the Senate. So, suddenly, she is concerned about fairness? Hilarious.

Those Americans who identify as “independent” voters see this impeachment as a farce, which is a big deal.

With Trump’s approval rating a record high despite the Democrats’ impeachment plan, it’s safe to say with absolute authority that the entire debacle has backfired, big time. Nancy and her gang of “do nothing” Democrats take their pay from taxpayers and then impeach the president who has delivered on his campaign promise to make America great, again. What more do we need to know to re-elect him?

This Christmas season share these facts with your family and friends. It will be the best gift you can give them.

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