Sen. Gillibrand Calls Trump A ‘Racist,’ Blindsided By CNN’s Flashback From 2008

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has some pretty extreme views on immigration. Recently, she labeled President Donald Trump a “racist” for his own immigration policies. But when the 2020 presidential hopeful sat down with CNN over the weekend, she was blindsided by their flashback from 2008.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (top right) was blindsided during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” when host Jake Tapper (top center) confronted her with her own views on immigration (bottom right), which used to be more closely aligned with President Donald Trump’s (left) agenda than her current opinions. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/‏andrew kaczynski/TwitterWikimedia Commons)

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is about as liberal as they come on the topic of immigration. She has even argued that we ought to “get rid of” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“So when we flip the House and flip the Senate, I think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who are being separated from their families at the border. I think we should get rid of ICE,” Gillibrand said during her speech at OZY Fest in New York City last year.

Gillibrand also introduced a bill that would seriously hinder the work of border agents by requiring them to document their stops, searches, and interrogations.:

Under current law, agents from both departments have broad authority to stop and question people about their immigration status. In the 100-mile border zone — the area of the US that’s within 100 miles of a land or water border — agents can pull over cars and board vehicles to ask passengers about their citizenship if they suspect a person is not in the country legally. (In the rest of the country, ICE agents can’t enter private property without a warrant or pull over vehicles without probable cause of an immigration violation.) But the law doesn’t require agents keep track of whom they stop or why, unless the agents detain someone or end up using force. [Source: Vox]

It should come as no surprise that Gillibrand is among the Democrats who believe President Donald Trump is “racist” for fighting to secure our porous southern border and deport the dangerous illegal immigrants who threaten the safety and security of American citizens.

But when Gillibrand sat down with CNN over the weekend, she was awkwardly reminded that she hasn’t always felt this way about immigration and border security. In fact, she once held views more closely aligned with the president whom she now deems “racist.”

According to IJR, during an interview on “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper pressed Gillibrand on her massive change in position, asking, “If Trump’s immigration positions are racist, were they racist when you held some of those positions, as well?”

Visibly flustered, Gillibrand responded, “They certainly weren’t empathetic and they weren’t kind and I did not think about suffering in other people’s lives. And one thing I did 10 years ago when I became a Senator and I was going to represent 20 million people across our state, I recognized a lot of places in my state were different and I needed to understand what those constituents needed, too. And so I took the time. I went down to Brooklyn. […] I listened and realized things I had said were wrong.”

Gillibrand is only the latest Democrat to be exposed as a flaming hypocrite. Last month, President Donald Trump released a series of vintage video clips showing top Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama once held opinions more closely aligned with President Trump’s than with the political talking points they’ve been spouting as of late.

Indeed, it is abundantly clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that the Democrats opposing Trump’s immigration agenda are only doing so because they hate the president. Their motivations are entirely disingenuous, and ultimately, it is the American people who are suffering so they can play their petty political games.

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